9 Gifts For Your Boyfriend Who Is Pretty Much A Workaholic

Work, work and work, this is what he thinks about even in his sleep. His work commitments hold a high priority in his life and this trait annoys you a lot sometimes as you feel he doesn’t have enough time for you but deep down you respect his commitment towards his career and passion towards his work which will surely carve a path of success for him. It does make you cancel a date or two with him but he always makes up for it with a sweet gesture and makes you realise that your love is as important for him. Does this description paint a word picture of your boyfriend too who hardly misses a day at work? If yes, then here are a few suggestions that you could gift him to convey the message that you understand and respect his work as much as he does and no matter what may come, you are always standing by his side? Below given is the list of top 9 gifts for workaholic boyfriend.

Gifts Idea For Your Workaholic Boyfriend

1. A Laptop Bag

Not just any laptop bag but hunt for the one with several compartments that could hold his phone, charger cable, pens and notebook at the place while on the commute. It could perfectly organise the office essentials without making a mess so that he doesn’t waste time searching for the thing he needs.

Laptop Bag

2. Weekly and Daily Planner

A planner is a lifeline of a person as busy as your boyfriend. Instead of picking two planners, choose the one which integrates weekly and daily planning. This one could make his life much easier and could be one of the best gift ideas for boyfriend who works hard to earn success. A hardbound bullet journal with 80 GSM pages or above will be well-suited to his needs.

Weekly and Daily Planner

3. Mini Bluetooth Tracker

Car keys, remote control, notepad and whatnot, things are always losing and finding them only wastes time and induces frustration in his mind. This mini bluetooth tracker allows him to find things in a jiffy that are hidden between those never-ending files. It will save him a lot of time and make his day even more efficient. Anytime if he loses his car keys, he could just trigger an alarm which could point him towards them.

Mini Bluetooth Tracker

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Anybody who is as busy as your boyfriend needs a few moments away from the world when they could concentrate on the work or take some me-time. It enhances productivity, de-clutter the mind and refresh it which results in a better quality of work, increased focus and enhanced efficiency. It could also be an escape from the work into their happy place.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

5. Chair Cushion

The long hours sitting in a chair could lead to backache and posture issues. Present him with a comforting chair cushion which will make his seat a happy place to be. He will be more relaxed and focused on his work. The soft fabric and cushioned material will soothe his back and provide maximum ease to the back.

Chair Cushion

6. Bed Laptop Table

He could be at the office only for so long. There may be instances when he had to carry work out of his office and put in hours late at night or early in the morning and that’s when this bed table will come into effect. It could help him to do work while sitting in the comfort of his bedroom or couch with a cushioned pillow on his back and neck.

Bed Laptop Table

7. A Cube Projector

He will love such an efficient gift from you! This cube projector will allow him to turn any meeting into the presentation for a better understanding of the agenda. Portable and lightweight, it could be carried in his bag too. It adopts the latest technology in LED and optical lens and could project photos and videos both.

Cube Projector

8. Personalised Mug

This might not help him to reduce the office chores but definitely would make it easier and refreshing. personalised coffee mug with his name and a heartfelt message on it will remind him of you every time he wishes to take a break and have a hot, delicious sip of coffee. Order such online gifts for boyfriend and show him how much loved he is!

Personalised Mug

9. Stress Ball

This is far more useful than it seems to be. Workaholic or not, everyone faces immense stress at some point in time which builds up frustration blocking creativity and productivity. Squeezing a stress ball could release the stress and calm the mind and body to work again with better efficiency.

Stress Ball

Make his work-life easier and make him feel appreciated with such gifts for workaholics. He will love you even more for understanding him and will do his best to keep you happy in spite of his busy schedule.