Best Handmade Gifts for Teacher From Student

‘The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.’ ― William Arthur Ward

Every 5th September we celebrate these amazing souls whom we refer to as teachers. From being the guiding light of our lives to being our source of education and values, teachers work towards selflessly to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Coinciding with the birth anniversary of the great Dr Sarvapalli RadhaKrishnan, a day called teacher’s day to honour every teacher all over the world since 1962 onwards.

Mistakes to Avoid

Children in school and colleges on this day dress up and enact like their teachers to treat them, by organising some cultural shows and functions. Some students or children even like to pamper their favourite teachers with some amazing teacher's day gift to commemorate this special day. And quite like every teacher’s day, we bet you wouldn’t like to gift your teacher a Parker pen or a rose stick or even some cool greeting card. Right? So, here is a list of gift for teachers from students that is sure to make your teacher’s day a memorable one for your teacher. To express your love and regards to your teacher, each of these gifts is teacher's day DIY gifts, made and wrapped with your love. So, let’s discuss a few of these amazing teacher's day handmade gift ideas in detail.

1) DIY Clothes Pins

‘Everyone has to wash clothes and then get it dried by leaving it over the cloth drying stand. But if the wind blows all your clothes away it will be a problem of some different level altogether, leaving aside the messy clothes it will result in. Isn’t it? Hence, a set of magnetic clothes pins seems like a great practical gift idea for teachers day as with these pins your teacher won’t be able to clip off their clothes but also some paper, etc. Here’s how you need to DIY it:

Diy Clothes Pins

• Painters Markers

• magnetic tape strips with adhesive back

• wooden clothespins

• knife

• ruler or straight edge

1. Start by cutting the strips of magnetic tape so that it fits one side of the clothespins.

2. Peel off the adhesive and stick it to the side of the clothespins.

3. Further, colour the other side of the clothespin with the help of the painter markers. You can additionally sketch out some designs, patterns and let the ink dry.

4. Design a gratitude slash like a card to thank your teacher and affix these clothespins to it. Your teacher’s day gift is ready!

Diy Clothes Pins

2) DIY Coasters

‘Another great teacher’s day gift could be this set of colourful, quirky coasters. Coasters would make an excellent practical gift to save your teacher’s favourite coffee table at home from staining. Here’s how you need to make some coasters at home to impress your teacher.

DIY Coasters

•One Felt Bundle

•Embroidery Floss in colours to match the felt.

•Coaster Template printed out and cut off your favourite design

1. Take the felt of the colour of your choice, then draw or sketch your design be it that of some emoji, animal, alphabet or fruit.

2. After having sketched it out, cut it out with the help of scissors.

3. Then, take another felt of any other colour. Draw out the same design but this time 1-2 cm less than the previous design. Cut it out.

4. Superimposing both the design cutouts stitch one over the other from the boundary.

5. Add some significant detailing using some colourful cutouts of the felt, if needed. Knit it well with small running stitches.

DIY Coasters

3) DIY Flower Vase

‘This time when you gift your favourite teacher a bunch of beautiful flowers, make sure to pass a DIY flower vase to place them in. Here’s how you need to DIY a flower vase.

DIY Flower Vase

•Tall Vase (approximately 7 1/2″ tall) or you could use a can or recycle a glass jar

•40-50 Yellow Wooden Pencils



•Hot Glue Gun

1. Take the tall vase or glass jar which has lost its charm.

2. Then affix some pencils vertically with the help of the hot glue till you cover all the exterior surface of the vase.

3. Once done, tie it with a bow to add a gift like an appeal to the vase.

4. Place some flowers and your flower vase is ready to be gifted.

DIY Flower Vase

‘So, these were some of the best handmade gifts for a teacher from a student on teacher’s day. Make this teacher’s day a memorable affair for your teacher to remember it for the rest of their lives as you choose to DIY any of these thoughtful gifts, this teacher’s day.