What Are Some Best Kundan Rakhis for Brother

Hey, all!

How have you been doing, sisters? Are you gearing up for the festival of Raksha Bandhan? Are you excited to bring back the joy of tying rakhi on your brother’s wrist? That’ Good! Among the many things that you prepare for Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi shopping is the one that needs more attention. That’s because you only want to tie the best rakhi on your brother’s wrist. And out of many varieties of rakhi, Kundan rakhi designs do best to attract eyes in a magical way. Kundan is a traditional Indian gemstone which is used in making jewellery. We understand the joy of strolling in the market for rakhi shopping is fun that sisters can’t afford to miss. But if somehow, you won’t find a rakhi as beautiful and best as your brother, then you must opt to buy Kundan Rakhi Online. And we want to help you for the same.

Best Kundan Rakhis for Brother

So, here we bring you the list of 10 best Kundan rakhis for your brother:

1. Floral Kundan Rakhi

Embellished with red and green gemstones along with colourful beads on the thread and crafted in the shape of a flower, this one is sure to delight your brother.

Floral Kundan Rakhi

2. Awesome Kundan Rakhi

Decorated with many different elements with a perfect blend of white, red, and golden colour, this awesome Kundan Rakhi is hard to take eyes-off.

Awesome Kundan Rakhi

3. Gazing Beauty Kundan Rakhi

Don’t you want your brother to gaze at the rakhi that you will tie on her wrist? We know you do! And that’s what this Gazing Beauty Kundan Rakhi will do.

Gazing Beauty Kundan Rakhi

4. Precious Peacock Kundan Rakhi

The peacock symbolizes Integrity, Beauty, Nobility, Guidance, and Holiness. Kundan Rakhi, designed in peacock symbol shape, is perfect for the occasion.

Precious Peacock Kundan Rakhi

5. Floral Blue Kundan Rakhi

Decorated with beautifully crafted blue-coloured stones and beads, a Kundan Rakhi in floral shape gives the most elegant look and creates a strong Kundan Rakhi Bandhan.

Floral Blue Kundan Rakhi

6. Superior Elegance Kundan Rakhi

Warm your brother's heart with a beautiful rakhi so that he would love to show it off. And will keep on smiling for many days to come.

Superior Elegance Kundan Rakhi

7. Colourful Kundan Rakhi

Embellished with gemstones of five different colours - sky blue, dark blue, baby pink, dark pink, and yellow, this colourful Kundan Rakhi will scatter colours of happiness in your bro’s life.

Colourful Kundan Rakhi

8. Red Green Kundan Rakhi

With a white Kundan in the centre and eight red and green cute metallic flowers around it, this rakhi depicts how a brother protects her sister.

Red Green Kundan Rakhi

9. Red Reincarnation Kundan Rakhi

Every Raksha Bandhan, the bond of brother & sister gets stronger. Centred with a Red gemstone, red reincarnation rakhi will heal all the sorrows.

Red Reincarnation Kundan Rakhi

10. Green Pearl Kundan Rakhi

The round-shaped dial embellished with green studded stones is one of the simplest yet beautiful Kundan Rakhi designs. The thread is half-covered with red and green beads on both sides.

Green Pearl Kundan Rakhi

We have kept the list short and justified so that you won’t get confused due to many options, and all the Kundan rakhi designs that we showcased here are sure to win your brother’s heart.