Know About Some Safe and Toxic Flowers for Birds

“As long as there are flowers and children and birds in the world, have no fears; everything will be fine.”

It’s pretty wonderful how different elements of nature tends to coexist with each other, peacefully. It seems each of them is a member of one, big family called Mother Earth. Other than some happy, quality time with our families, this Lockdown period has blessed us with - waking us up all over the sweet constant chirping of the Little birdies. No matter how sad the current times are for us, but nature seems to be healing.

Apart from helping each other in pollination and feeding the sweet nectar, they look after maintaining the life cycles of each other. As May 4 marks the special occasion of National Birds Day, let’s discuss in detail about birds and this bird day. To honour, improve and protect their environment, other than this day, people also celebrate international bird day with the same noble motive on April 1, every year.

Safe and Toxic Flowers for Birds

While science taught us the interdependency that exists between birds and flowers, did we know that not all flowers are safe flowers for birds? We think not! That is why below we have prepared a list of flowering plants that attract birds. Some of which are totally safe while some others are toxic. Check them all out from below.

Flowers That Are Toxic

1. Amaryllis

Native to the Western Cape region of South Africa, Amaryllis grows from a planted bulb to beautiful exotic flowers. It might be a fun experience to culture it indoors, but they are dangerous for your pet bird. It might make them vomit endlessly and make them feel totally uncomfortable by resulting in diarrhoea, tremors, depression, and more.


2. Daffodil

Popular, cheery spring flower daffodils are not at all recommended for your beaked friend at home. As they spell trouble due to the presence of a harmful chemical called lycorine in them. Even a little amount of daffodil being ingested in them can result in their death, causing gastrointestinal issues and seizures in birds.


3. Lilies

Exquisite yet deadly! Yes, you heard us absolutely right! Lillies are undeniably the most popular species of flowers that are usually spotted in a floral setting. But a special note to all the bird owners is to keep lilies (peace lilies in specific) away from their pet as it is said to cause them irritation in their mouth and digestive tract.


4. Morning Glory

It’s vine are super pleasing to look at. Moreover, it’s naturally hued pink, purple-blue, magenta, or white flowers proves God to be an amazing artist. But not to go with its undying appeal, one must keep in mind that this kind of flower is not a bird flower, at all. Their seeds are a serious threat to all the bird species as they contain a dangerous chemical similar to LSD.

Morning Glory

5. Poinsettia

Now, this is exactly what we refer to as a “flower”. But they are known as a flower that grows in residues or soil. The festive flower Poinsettias are the centre of attraction for the holiday festivities, but they might end up causing gastrointestinal issues, skin irritation, and other serious health problems to your loving pet birds and fellow family members, even. So, beware!


Flowers That Are Safe

1. Heliconias

Popularly known as lobster claws, Heliconias are spectacularly beautiful flowers that are an absolute allies with birds like sunbirds, flowerpeckers, spiderhunters and more. Native to Pacific and Maluku, heliconias are one of the favourite nectar-feeding flowers for all birds.


2. Bottlebrushes

An Australian species of flora, Bottlebrushes quite resemble the cylindrical, brush used for cleaning inside the bottles. This flower species is quite a favourite source of nectar for the sunbirds. Its graceful, drooping branches ending in flowers of cheerful, bright red hues is what attracts both - endemic and migratory birds.


3. Roses

Roses are woody perennial flowers which are often linked to the idea of love or romance. It also extends its beautiful feeling of love to birds as roses are even said to be bird-friendly flowers. One just needs to ensure that the flowers are free of pesticides and other chemical residues and their bird friends are good to coexist with them.


4. Orchids

For quite some time, orchids are quite widely used exotic flower species which symbolises love, luxury, beauty and strength. They are said to be an absolutely great flower which is marked safe for all the bird friends. Though they are extremely hard to grow indoors nonetheless one would not have to fear about losing their pet birds to it.


5. African Violets

African Violets are great flowers which are ready to happily coexist with their bird friends. Produce clusters of white, blue, or purple flowers over fuzzy leaves, this type of flower are completely safe plants for parrots and other pet birds. Go happily go ahead and be carefree for birds getting along with it.

African Violets

So, there you go with some popular flowers - some of which are safe, while some others are deadly to our birdies.