Welcome 23! Here Are Some Birthday Gifts for Every 23-Year-Old Girl

“Life is like an escalator. You see, it carries you on regardless. And you might as well enjoy the view and seize every opportunity while you're passing.”

Welcome to the early twenty squad! The twenties are an important phase of every girl’s life. As you hit this phase you will like to take your decisions independently, follow your heart, set your career and personal life goals (which might/might not even work out, but it’s fine!) and most importantly, will curse the concept of growing up. The days full of spoon-feeding and dependency on parents have now gone. But other than getting eligible for voting, the age of 23 introduces the real world in a whole new sense. So, treat your little (not-so-little) baby girl over these 23 gifts for 23rd birthday girl as she steps into balancing work, enjoyment, spending time with parents, and learning some new skills. While most of these birthday gifts for her will be easily available across both online as well as offline gift stores.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Every 23-Year-Old Girl

Flower Bouquet

What words couldn’t convey, flowers could! One of the most versatile gifting items for ladies of all age groups. From symbolizing happiness, beauty, purity and good positive vibes, flowers coming in scintillating setups are perfect to melt a 23-year-old girl’s heart in tears.

Flower Bouquet

Birthday Cake

A birthday celebration without a delicious birthday cake for your girl would seem like a meeting. So, let the good times roll by showering all your love over your beloved lady by ordering a birthday cake for her. To go that extra mile, one can even bake the birthday cake at home. Worry not, even if she is not a sweet-tooth, she will this time fall for your sweet gesture, for sure. As a birthday cake is a much-needed thing, that goes even without saying hence she will be more than happy to be pampered with one of the sweet 23rd birthday gifts for her.

Birthday cake for 23rd Birthday of Girl

Blissful Plant

Gifting green sounds like a thoughtful gift for her. If she enjoys gardening or just has a kind heart for nature, gift her a blissful plant-like lucky bamboo, jade, bonsai or even a moon cactus. No matter how many friends leave her, these green beauties will remain her friends forever till the end of time.

Blissful Plant as a 23rd Birthday of Girl

Tote Bag

Whether she is hitting college or going out to catch her coaching classes, a tote bag will be a classic birthday gift. Tote bags are versatile, utility-oriented and something she will be needing it whenever she is travelling somewhere out. You can look for tote bags which has got some cool and quirky prints on it to bring on the birthday vibes.

Tote Bag for 23rd Birthday Girl

Personalised Gift

You might not be appreciated that much if you go with gifting her something regular. Rather, a personal, nostalgia-stricken token of your love in the form of personalised gifts will be forever close to her heart. You can opt for some love crafted photo frames, night lamps, keychains, mugs, cushions and fridge magnets to bring a smile on her face.

Personalised Gift for 23 year old Girls Birthday

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards still remain a classic in the world full of trends. It might seem like a boring idea but makes sense when one designs it beautifully with all their creativity, imagination and wonderful thoughts. Make sure to write something inside - dedicate some words to her on her special day.

Greeting Cards for 23 years Old Girls Birthday

Box Full Of Chocolates

On her 23rd birthday, bless her with the ultimate key to happiness i.e. the box full of chocolates. Not just when she tastes it, but also the sight of you gifting her a box full of chocolates on her birthday will brighten up her day, for sure.

Box Full Of Chocolates for Birthday

Piece of Jewellery

It is quite rightly said that “jewellery is every girls’ best friend and is her prized possession.”So, gift her something like a modern, contemporary jewellery piece like a pair of earrings, necklace and pendant or even bracelet. She will keep it forever close to her heart by adorning herself with it every day.

Piece of Jewellery as 23rd Birthday Gift

Gift Voucher Of Her Favourite Brand

If you want to surprise her, make sure to do it right by picking the right gift for her. If not sure what she will like, then go ahead and gift her a gift voucher of her favourite clothing, cosmetics or skincare brand. She will absolutely love this kind of birthday pampering.

Gift Voucher Of Her Favourite Brand

Tickets To Some Live Concert

Watch out whether her favourite singer or band is in town or not. Then what? Then, book her a ticket to that live concert. She will be absolutely delighted to see her favourite person perform right there in front of her.

Tickets To Some Live Concert

Salon/ Spa Gift Cards

Nothing seems better than enjoying a rejuvenating day at salon or spa. Help her forget all her stress and her mid-life crisis scenario by gifting a reputed salon/spa gift card. Let her work on herself and her self-confidence as she enters the salon to get the world set on her pedicured feet.

Salon or Spa Gift Cards as a Birthday Gift


As per Fengshui norms, gifting a wristwatch symbolises gifting happiness and prosperity to someone. And as you want the best for her, a wristwatch seems quite a timeless yet fascinating gift idea. You will find a plethora of good wristwatch brands, as per your budget and the kind, that you are looking for her.

Wristwatch for 23rd Birthday of Girl


If you want to make your little girl feel super special and leave a forever sign of affection, care and love, then perfumes are perfect for birthday pamperings. Just know what notes of perfume she will prefer and start looking for those at your nearest offline or online gift store.

Perfumes for Birthday Gift

Coffee Mug

If she can’t start her day without a cup of coffee in the morning, then a coffee mug is perfect to be passed onto her. You can even go with a personalised coffee mug or else you can look for some cool, quirky quotes imprinted in some decent font over the mug to please her.

Coffee Mug for 23rd Birthday of a Girl

Health Hamper

Is she is into fitness and calls herself to be health-conscious? Then, we bet cakes and other calorie-gaining eatables won’t be worth being gifted to her. So, a health hamper including all the healthy munchies in the form of some sweet and salty small bites are perfect to help her keep up with her fitness regime.

Health Hamper as a 23rd Birthday Gift

God Idol As Decor Piece

Nothing seems more beautiful than a lady who is brave, strong and emboldened because of having faith in the powers and good deeds of the Almighty. So, a god idol will keep her faith instilled and with HIS grace she will carry it through.

God Idol As Decor Piece


Contributing a much-needed latest addition to her wardrobe will make her the happiest. So, on her this birthday, look for a piece of clothing that matches her personality or something that she has been wanting to make hers for a long time. As this is one of the birthday gift ideas for girls, they every girl dreams of getting pampered with, she will be thrilled to try it on as soon as you gift her.

Clothing as 23rd Birthday Present


She is 23, she will be needing concealers, foundation and other such makeup items to unveil her diva/ doll-like side of hers over various social media platforms and events. Makeup gives every woman the confidence she ever needs, so gifting some cosmetics from her favourite or some renowned brand will be an instant heart-winner.

Cosmetics Gifts for 23year old girl


Shoes are quite underrated as gifts. But let me tell you, a perfect pair of shoes will help a 23-year-old girl to conquer the world with dashing confidence. Adding to her style statement to making her feel comfortable a good pair of shoes will reflect her rich taste in style and lifestyle.

Shoes for 23rd Birthday of Girl

Favourite Novels

A book worm...Is she? Then, gift her some of her best friends on her 23rd birthday to make it a memorable one. Figure out what genre of novels or books does she like to read and then, you are good to go!

Favourite Novels of 23rd Birthday Girl

Bar Accessories

Gift her something sassy and sophisticated to assist her occasion habit of drinking. A bar accessory is perfect to gift your 23-year-old beer or alcohol buddy. Disclaimer: Alcohol is injurious to health, so make sure to keep a check on the drinking limit as she indulges in a drink or two.

Bar Accessories as a Birthday Present

Earphones/ Headphones

This gift option seems perfect for every music lover 23-year old girl out there in the world. If music is her happy place, then gift her a good earphone or headset to shut the world out as she plugins and enters the world of melodies.

Earphones or Headphones for Girl having 23rd Birthday

Zodiac Gifts

Is she a proud Aries? Or a Leo baby? Be it whatever, zodiac gifts are trending gifts which make perfect for those astrology lovers 23-year-old girl whose birthday is soon approaching. You can go ahead with a t-shirt or even a zodiac pendant to cheer up the beauty.

Zodiac Gifts for 23rd Birthday of Girl

So, this was all those quirky, trendy, uber-cool 23rd birthday gift ideas, to treat her over. What’s the wait for? Start your girlie’s birthday gift shopping right away.

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