Best New Year Celebration Ideas To Bye Bye 2020

There’s no denying about the fact that the year 2020 was a year of catastrophe. Nonetheless, it’s almost the time to let go of all our disappointments, bad memories and all the trauma that this year has caused us. And rather look optimistically towards the year 2021. As we all do so, we need to have some fantabulous new year celebration plans ready for execution because it’s December already, people! Though, we still need to keep that the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t still out in the market, so we need to plan everything while keeping the covid-19 protocols in mind. Here are a few ways in which you can ring into another year along with your close ones, this upcoming New Year.

Best New Year Celebration Ideas To Bye Bye 2020

1. Organise A Game Night - Game nights are fun and when games are played a night before New Years - it will be one of the best ways of ending 2020 on a good note. You can organise a Bingo (Tambola) Night or even playing cards night. You can even think of planning a charades game night or even a karaoke night which people can sing their heart away. If you want to ensure your folks have a great time bidding adieu to 2020, then go for organising a Pictionary night. It will definitely be super fun.

Organise A Game Night

2. Cocktail Testing Night - The plan is to gather all the liquor we had got all stocked up and have one hell of a Mixology night. Prepare some liquor cocktails and try them out. So what you couldn’t visit some bars this year? You could bring it indoors the very last day of the year as you don your bartender’s coat and get totally drunk. Last day, isn’t it? Who cares even if you end up drinking a bit much? Trust us, NOBODY!

Cocktail Testing Night

3. Reminiscence About The Year - Surely, the year 2020 wasn’t the best of year that every one of us had experienced. But it somehow made us connect with the ones who mattered to us the most - it brought us closer together to them. We bet you might have had some heartwarming moments, this year regardless of the mess - we all had to go through. So, video calls all your friends and family to remind each other of the fact - that the world might go wrong sometimes, but in the end, when we are together, it is exactly what makes our lives worthwhile.

Reminiscence About The Year

4. Dancing Your Way Into The New Year - Bring everyone together as you choose to dance your heart away to some of the hit songs of this year. Giggle, sing out loud and tap your feet together along with your loved ones, one last time. Set your playlist of the New Years, beforehand and get everyone to wear their dancing shoes as they shake that booty to your playlist.

Dancing Your Way Into The New Year

5. Get Surprise New Year Gift Delivered At Midnight - So what you couldn’t be with all your loved ones on New Years or they couldn’t be a part of your New Years celebration? You can always be generous enough to send them a new year gift along with midnight delivery at their residence to convey your New Year greetings and love to them. Remind them they are always in your heart and in your thoughts. You would feel great that you cared for them throughout and even when the year ended.

Get Surprise New Year Gift Delivered At Midnight

6. Set Up A Photo Booth - You simply can’t end your year without taking some cool pictures for the ‘Gram. Isn’t it? So, make sure you have some cool and quirky props with which your loved ones can photograph with it. You can purchase these props from some party decor shop or can even craft it yourself. It will surely make your New Year celebrations LIT AF and would help you claim the best hostess of the kickass party in town.

Set Up A Photo Booth

7. Set A New Year Resolution Jar - Get your family and friend thinking about their this year’s resolutions by urging them to write down on some paper cutouts and can place it inside a new year resolution jar. Once they leave after the party, make sure they take their chits from the jar so that they can follow their resolutions and don’t just forget about the ones they made.

New Year Resolution Jar

8. Movie Mania - It’s Showtime, babies! New years can be celebrated by watching some old yet gold movies together with our bunch of people over a bowl of popcorns. There are many movies which release around New Years time; you can binge-watch those with your bunch of lovely people over Netflix and other such online streaming platforms.

Movie Mania

9. Have A Special Food & Drinks Menu - Without some party food and drinks, New Years won’t even seem like a happy new year, for sure. So make sure to order some delicious food from some restaurants and get your liquor supply ready. Your folks won’t enjoy the celebrations until and unless you ensure that the quality of the courses and the drink is up to the level that they expected it to be, i.e. absolutely top-notch.

Food and Drinks

10. Organise A Treasure Hunt - Dare to do something gripping or different? Then make sure to organise a treasure hunt for your folks. Drop some hints for the clues that you placed under the couch, chair and tables and have a set bumper prize of the winner who makes it to the final stage.

Treasure Hunt

So, how do you plan to celebrate your New Year?