Top 10 Flowering Plants

One of the most satisfying and healthy chores you can do while at home is gardening. It helps you relax and is quite fun when you have the best flowering plants. Though you may have to break a sweat in the beginning stages of your gardening, you will begin to see the hard work paying off with a gorgeous view and nourishing scent from your flowering plants. You need to make it your habit to tend to each individual plant pruning the dried-out leaves and branches, making sure you put stakes to support the plants, plant new seeds, as well as watering the plants. It all seems like an uphill battle doing it all at once, but some steps you can take them slowly with time. If you are looking for the best outdoor and indoor flowering plants to add to your garden, then this post is for you. Read on as we share 10 flowering plants.

Top 10 Flowering Plants

1. Rose

You do not have to be a flowering plant advocate to know “what a rose is”. This plant has been a part of religion for gifting and some are fruit trees. There are more than 300 rose species in the world and some of them can be in the form of shrubs. You may know the popular “red roses” for romantic gestures. But there are a myriad of rose colours. Also, roses are good for your health, they have anti-oxidants and help heal itchy skin and redness if you spend much of your free time around them.


2. Bougainvillea

If you have space in your garden you want to install a shade, then worry not about the cost of the installations as the Bougainvillea flowering plant is a great climber. It’s from the tropics, and it stays evergreen throughout the greater part of the year. It can also survive the damage from birds as well as cattle which means your beautiful view remains the same no matter the environment they are in. All you need to do is make sure your plants are well watered.


3. Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

Also popularly known as rose mallow and a shoe flower as many schoolgoing kids allude. The Hibiscus is a vibrant flower deep-coloured petals. It is also used for medicinal purposes. They are available in a variety of colour contrasts. And have a large trumpet-like flower that has no scent to sniff about but has more than five petals which it blends with. You can make this plant an indoor plant and also an outdoor plant.

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

4. Adenium

If you are looking for a plant that does not require much of your attention, in terms of caring the Adenium is the right pick. It's popularly known in flower communities as the desert rose. They are also used in place of Bonsai plants. They have vibrant and eye-catching colours and shades contrasting with red, of which only a few flowers can be compared to them. They can also resist worm attacks as well.


5. Kalanchoe

An appealing garden has a rainbow colour of flowers, and the Kalanchoe is a typical plant that can make you look like a pro florist. The plant species has a variety of very bright and crisp colours of red, orange, yellow, pink, and white. You will always be able to come out of your garden with a bunch of flowers. The plant can grow up to 12 inches tall and little maintenance is required. All you need to do is make sure that you plant it in a well-ventilated area with lots of sunlight.


6. Angelonia

The bright colours, and the beautiful flow growing upright of the Angelonia flowering plant are one to fall in love with. They are also called the Snapdragon, and they have a beautiful scent. The flowers give gorgeous blooms throughout all seasons from spring to fall. This is reason enough to grow them in your flower garden. You can also pot them and keep them on your windows as well as decorating the indoor spaces.


7. Portulaca

A plant from the Sun Gods, the portulaca flowering plant thrives even in the hottest and arid environments. They can be tiny as compared to other plants in your flower collection. But they still stand out with their vibrant and beautiful flowers. You also do not have to worry about maintenance, all they need is just direct sunlight and periodical watering. They are also available in different types like Jade, which produces thick leaves. The plants are also believed to possess good luck charms. You can also pot one or two for your indoor nourishment.


8. Azalea

These beautiful shrubs just tell you when springtime is in full motion. They are eye-catching especially when planted in their masses together with other spring-flowering plants. Other species bloom again as the season progresses. You can also grow them in your home to bring in a fresh vibe as well as contrast with the colourful tones from your outdoor garden.


9. Jasmine

The Jasmine flowering plant just as the name reminds you of a Godly and rich scent. It surely augments the different flower scents in your garden with its fragrance. And growing them in your garden does not require you to be an expert florist. You can simply pluck out the branching tips and replant them in another spot and within a short time, it will start growing. All you just need to do is make sure that the newly cut tips have sufficient water and are safely planted in the ground.


10. Marigold

With your flowering garden almost complete, you can add the Marigolds plant to add a bit of sunshine in this green garden. It has very bright yellow flowers, and these flowering plants are widely regarded as religious and are used on social ceremonies in India. You can buy the Marigolds as seeds and get to witness them emerging from the soil to become the light of your garden. They are easy to plant and maintain if you are worried that they will give you a tough time.



A captivating member of the flowering plant family, it boasts intricate blooms resembling starbursts. The delicate petals unfurl in an array of hues, from soft pinks to deep reds, elegantly attracting bees and butterflies. As you explore the realm of flowering plants names, Astrantia stands as a testament to nature's artistic prowess, a sight that effortlessly enhances any garden or bouquet. Whether you're seeking examples of flowering plants or looking to order a bunch of flowers online, its charm is sure to enthral you.

Butterfly Bush:

In the realm of flowering plant, the Butterfly Bush emerges as a charismatic spectacle. Its long panicles of blooms are irresistible to butterflies, enveloping your outdoor space in a vivacious palette of colours. The essence of summer, this plant serves as one of the best examples of name of flowering plants, exuding an aura of vibrancy.