Melt Newness In Your Life With New Cake Flavours And Fillings

Marriage, a vow between two people to stick by each other through thick and thin. The feel of the first touch, the deep stare into the eyes, the falling in love with the smile, the bedtime cuddles, the early morning conversations are all bliss of a happy married life. Before it becomes all about growing old together and creating a better life with richer quality standards, it is about little pecks on cheeks, anniversary celebrations, weekend dates and run away trips. Celebrating this golden time of a new marriage and hoping that it lasts for maximum possible years, we have surrendered to a few ecstatic ideas, one of which is cakes. Today, know all about anniversary cakes that you can opt to keep the spark of love lit till eternity.

anniversary cake

For the couple who likes to try unique and new adventures in life if it is about skydiving or cake eating we suggest the underneath unique cake flavour options:

• An orange vanilla cake

If you are not really a sweet tooth person and so isn't your partner you are about to find this unique cake flavour very astonishing but rest aside this flavour does exist in the market and to no surprise is a runny and trendy category for cake lovers.

• Choco lava cake

 Choco lava cake

We have all had mini choco lava cakes and wouldn't deny it is really delicious and scrumptious. The exaggerated bit to this wholesome treat is also available in the market. Imagine flood hot chocolate on the happy occasion of your anniversary.

• Rainbow cake

It's a matter of time before compliments like ‘you are my rainbow’, ‘ you are my sunshine’ vanish into thin air, and you two succumb to your daily life taken for granted. To delay this if not end, order a rainbow cake like a sign of newness and emergence of happiness for the coming moments of life.

Rainbow cake

Apart from these top three, you can go for lemon cream cake, choco fudge, Ferrero rocher cake, coffee, red velvet, fruit cake and many. It's the scale of most exotic and unique cake flavours, and you have to decide your extent of madness. Apart from these unique single flavoured cakes, the next variety and category are scaled up. Find new delicious anniversary cake flavour and filling combination. Let's begin

• A mix of chocolate and strawberry

It is hard to configure, but a strawberry and chocolate cake is the new prevailing cake option in the market. The chocolate bread and the strawberry cream create a subtle crunchy and sweet taste; it's out of the world.

• Chocolate and mint

Chocolate and mint

A mix of chocolate and mind requires no convincing; it itself is a best seller. The cake sells itself for these two flavoured are undefeatable. A crush of dark chocolate and splash for freshness is one of the ultimate anniversary cake flavours in the world of cakes.

• Coffee and Nutella

Possibly the best cake option, especially if you are a coffee or Nutella lover. The nourishment of Nutella and the bittersweet taste of coffee club together to take your taste buds for a ride, the splash of water in your mouth on reading this is evidence it is a great appreciable combination.

Cake combinations are all about being creative; you can make all that you want by just knowing what you want. You can hence try jellies and creams, kinds of butter and loaves of bread, gems and candies, hot chocolate or buttercream, milk chocolate and so on. Do what it takes to make your love life blissful and young for not the time that it's expected to be, but for the time you want it to be.