Top 10 Motivational Gifts to Promote Employee Recognition

Employees are the greatest asset of the company. They are the backbone and lifeblood of the company. The survival and growth of the company depend on employee performance. To make sure that your employees keep performing and giving you business; you must motivate and encourage them from time to time. Words of appreciation are always welcomed, but going the extra mile and honouring them with coroporate gift items for employees would be much better..

corporate gifts for employees

Sharing with all the employers the list of corporate gifts for employees to keep their spirits high and creative juices flowing.

1. Personalised Tumbler:

A tumbler is a necessary accessory for every employee. They can use it to hydrate themselves, to sip their morning beverage, or for any other purpose.

Personalised Tumbler

It’s handy and light to carry in contrast with steel bottles. Get it personalized with their name, and “Thanks for making a difference.” The tumbler will motivate them to do better and good every single day.

2. Desktop Plants:

Did you know plants boost productivity and let creative juices flow? A desktop planter gracing the table of each of your employees sounds good.

Desktop Plants

Sansevieria, Ficus Benjamina, Aglaonema, Peace Lily are the plants for greater productivity. Choose to get the planter customised with a motivation quote for additional benefits.

3. Bluetooth Headphones:

Music is healing and important for productivity. The rhythmic tunes tranquilise the brain waves and help a person to focus better.

Bluetooth Headphones

Gift Bluetooth headphones to your employees and increase productivity in a creative way. This will give them an idea that you care for their enjoyment as well.

4. Fitbit:

To excel at work, employees need to maintain a salubrious mind-body balance. Prolonged working hours in front of the screen, forward movement all have bad effects on health.


A Fitbit band that tracks their heart-rate, sleeping patterns, stress levels, and motivates them to take up goals like cycling, walking, exercising is a great motivational gift. Only if they are healthy, they can work to their best of capabilities.

5. Engraved Diary:

Engraved Diary

A diary is an employee's best friend. Not a regular diary but the one having pages with motivational quotes and appreciation lines is the well-suited option. Get the diary engraved with the name of the employee for a personal feel.

6. Hamper Basket:

Hamper Basket

Snacks, candies, and chocolates can be the tastiest motivation you can gift to your employees. For their hard work and dedication treat them with a basket of edible goodies. Also, add a thank you note to the basket.

7. Shopping Voucher:

 Shopping Voucher

Who doesn’t love to shop? Well, no one can disagree. An Amazon voucher or a gift card from Shopper Stop or of any online shopping store is a great motivation to keep your employees on their toes and happy. To the employee of the month, you can give a gift voucher of a certain amount.

8. Home Office Essentials:

Work from home has become the usual scenario. These are times when you can make your employees feel cared for and valued so that they give their best.

Home Office Essentials

Gift them home office essentials like a mousepad, notepad with a pen, laptop sleeve, succulent plant, earphones, and more.

9. Event Tickets:

Event Tickets

Recreation is as important as work. Timely outings and parties are good for memories and health. Tickets of a popular sporting event like IPL or tickets of any event happening in the city. A change of scene is always appreciated and is a good morale booster.

10. Trophies:

Trophies with words of appreciation or recognition always work its charm.


An appreciation certificate is another gift you can give to motivate your employees to keep performing well. Take care of your employees, and they shall take care of your business.