10 DIY Water Fountain Ideas To Beautify Your Garden In Budget

Don’t you want your backyard garden to look like straight out of those luxury bungalows? We know you do! And if you think that luxury comes with a splendid budget then let us change your mind with some creative and budget-friendly DIY water fountains. Picking any one DIY fountain idea may require your time and effort but will surely save some lots of bucks and will add a heavenly and luxurious charm to your garden. And you know, every good thing takes time.

Creativity and dedication are all that you need to have a homemade fountain in your garden. And you can also use the fountain to water other fruit and flowering plants. The big that you will be saving your money is because you will be using items that are of no use to you. If you don’t have the items, then you can easily ask your neighbors or other gardeners for them. From all the ideas of fountains that we are about to share with you, pick one DIY garden fountain that can fit in your garden and that you think you can make without much problem.

DIY Water Fountain Ideas That Will Beautify Your Garden

1. Bamboo Pipe Fountain

This one is the simplest yet beautiful way of using bamboo pipes as the main element of your DIY water fountain.

Bamboo Pipe Fountain

2. Big Bucket Fountain

You surely have a water pipe connection in your garden. Just put a slightly modified water bucket under it and turn it into a fountain.

Big Bucket Fountain

3. Driftwood Water Fountain

You can easily find a tree which is dead. Get the wood and cut it according to your space. Put one on another as shown in the picture with a hidden water connection.

Driftwood Water Fountain

4. Glass Bottle Fountain

Inspired by the beer bottle buckets, this homemade water fountain uses two big and small buckets and three glass bottles.

Glass Bottle Fountain

5. Handpump Bathtub Fountain

Put the old bathtub and rusted old hand pump to use to create an authentic and aesthetically beautiful water fountain in your garden.

Handpump Bathtub Fountain

6. Old Metal Fountain

You don’t even have to spend your time on this one. Just hand metallic kettle on the pipe and put a metal bucket beneath.

Old Metal Fountain

7. Rock Bucket Fountain

Somewhat the same as the previous one! Rock Bucket DIY waterfall fountain brings newness and modern beauty to your garden.

Rock Bucket Fountain

8. Rocks In Container

Take a steel or aluminium container and put differently textured rocks in it along with a water pipe dropping the water on the rocks to make rocks in the container fountain.

Rocks In Container

9. Sand Vase Fountain

Go organic with your choice. Buy some sand vases and vessels and place them in a way that water drops from one to another in a rhythm. It can fit in any space.

Sand Vase Fountain

10. Sea Inspired Fountain

Out of all the homemade water feature ideas, this is the only one that requires uses of items that we derive from the sea bed.

Sea Inspired Fountain

Like the indoor use items such as bathtub, you can also use indoor plants to complement the look of these DIY water fountain ideas.

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