Creative Corporate Gifts that Make Your Customer Feel Special

Creativity is one such aspect in gifting, which sets it apart from others’ with its unmatched appeal or out of the box thought. It tends to attract every customer’s attention who is looking for something new for their loved ones. Often all the people for whom we go gift shopping either belong to our family or are part of our peer group. But what about the ones with whom we spent most of our time of the day? Yes, we are talking about our employees, clients, customers, and other staff.

Corporate Gifts

Life gives us many special occasions/festivals to celebrate it along with our bunch of beloved, but the thought of pampering our work people with some creative corporate gifts ideas often slips out of our mind. Isn’t it? Well, no more! As we got some creative corporate gifts for clients shortlisted for you so that you don't give it a thought as to what would make your clients happy. Take some cues and start your shopping!

1. Appreciation Scroll -

Add a touch of royalness yet thoughtfulness in your corporate gifting gesture as you think of appreciating working with them over a heartfelt appreciation scroll.

Appreciation Scroll

If your company is small, then you can absolutely write these appreciation scrolls on your own to let them know what you think about them. If not you can prepare a template for these scrolls and get your human resource team to get it printed separately for each of your clients. It is sure to make your client’s day.

2. Desk Plant -

A corporate gift that is sure to reflect that you care for your clients is possibly the best gift that you can think of pampering them with.

Desk Plant

Don't you think? That is the reason we would suggest you pamper them with a healthy and hearty desk plant which is sure to add its charm to their desk and also take care of them with its innate blissful properties. You can get a sweet and short message personalised for each of your clients over it to make your gifting even more special.

3. Gourmet Food Basket -

Give wings to your creativity as you plan to customize a gourmet gift food basket for each of your employees.

Gourmet Food Basket

How many of times were they so busy working at your company or attending an important meeting that they ended up missing their lunch breaks? We are pretty sure - many at times - which is why gift them some gourmet food baskets consisting of popcorn, fruit, and sweet treats to urge them to look after their health. Make sure to convey your thank-yous over a message card along with this gourmet gift basket.

4. Calendar -

Remind them how blessed you feel to have them by your side in your professional life by creating a company calendar to gift them. Gather all the pictures of get-togethers, birthday parties and other corporate parties and get it arranged one for each month.


Additionally, in place of the holidays - mark the birthdays of each of your clients to give your gifting gesture - a special touch. Your clients are simply gonna love you for going the extra mile.

5. Laptop Sleeves -

Every company issues new assets to their employees and clients on the date of their joining. But it’s your time to put your best creative foot forward as you plan to gift them awesome handcrafted laptop sleeves.

Laptop Sleeves

You can get their names printed/ applique/ stitched over the chic laptop sleeve to make them feel special about your gifting gesture.

6. Tea/Coffee Sachet Assortment -

Tea/Coffee Sachet Assortment

How many times does one have to go towards their coffee/tea dispensing machines in a day to get a cup of their favourite beverage? We bet quite a lot of time which is why you can get a refreshing tea/coffee sachet assortment for your clients. They will need something like this to pull off the extra hours gracefully and with a calm mind.

7. Custom Water Bottle/ Sipper -

 Custom Water Bottle

Remember the time when you were given some fine title at your school/college farewell? It’s time to bring those fun days back at your workplace too, gift your clients with a sturdy yet stylish water bottle/ sipper by getting some titles personalised on them for each of your clients. You can additionally get the name of the client engraved over the bottle in some fun, creative font.

So, these were some of our creative corporate gift suggestions to pamper your hardworking clients with. What’s the wait for? Get, set, go gift shopping!