7 Best Personalised Gadgets Ideas To Gift Your Techie Friend

We all love gadgets, and our daily routine consists of help from so many gadgets. But some are extremely in awe of gadgets. And such people are called tech geeks or techie. If you have techie friends and you want to make him/her surprised on any special day then here are some personalised gadgets ideas.

All the gifts will be of some use, and there are rare useless gadgets to date. We will write about them some other day.

Personalised gifts are perfect as they render a sense of personal touch.

7 Best Personalised Gadgets Ideas To Gift Your Techie Friend

1. Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lamp - First on the list is a Bluetooth speaker, also an LED lamp. You can personalise this with a picture of your techie friend, and every time he/she listens to songs through the speaker, you will be remembered. This one will also be a perfect gadget to rock the small house parties.

Personalised Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lamp

2. Magic Mirror - The second one from the seven personalised gadgets is a magic mirror. The name fits perfectly to the product as technology is nothing less than a magic. It is simple until or unless the recipient will plug and switch it on. The electric power will create tech magic, and your friend’s picture will be shown in the mirror.

Magic Mirror

3. Power Bank - If you want to surprise your techie friend, then you can’t miss a power bank. It is surely an important thing for those who use gadgets more. You can personalise the power bank with your friend’s picture and the name. This personalised gadget will help him to never fall short of battery.

Personalised Power Bank

4. Water Bottle With Temperature Display - Those who use gadgets more and have more gadgets in their room know how important it is to keep a balanced room temperature. The name personalised water bottle will help your friend stay pro-active throughout the day, and the temperature displays will keep him/her aware of the room temperature.

Personalised Water Bottle With Temperature Display

5. Wireless Headphones - Whatever kind of work your techie friend does; a headphone is surely a must-have for a tech geek. You can flabbergast your friend on his/her special day by presenting a name-personalised wireless headphone. This is one of the coolest personalised gadgets ideas.

Personalised Wireless Headphones

6. Pen Drive - Well! Well! Well! How can we forget this one? The most convenient and super comfy of transferring data - pen drive. And your friend surely owns multiple pen drives, but he/she might not have a personalised one. So, you can complete his/her pen drive collection with your gifting gesture.

Personalised Pen Drive

7. Camera Strap - It has been seen that those who love tech gadgets develop a special love for professional cameras. If your friend also has a camera, then you can gift a personalised camera strap to put his/her gadget in the list of personalised gadgets.

Personalised Camera Strap

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