Best Plants to Grow in Your Terrarium

Whether you see a tree sprawled path, an outdoor garden or an indoor green setup, plants magically lift up the scenic view apart from bringing abundant benefits. Plants have become an integral part of modern decor. The modern design calls for clean lines and simplicity. Plants, on the other hand, add a creative splatter to enhance the look. Considering modern homes are compact and solid, a lawn area can only be a distant dream. However, if you are living in an apartment, you can still grow small plants on your balcony or opt for terrarium decor. Terrarium garden means growing plants in glass containers, that will give you the beauty of greenery along with added benefits.

Growing plants means taking care of essential needs like water, sunlight, pesticides, and so forth, but the best thing about terrarium plants is that they require the least maintenance and even if you are a black thumb, you can grow it quickly in your apartment.

Best Plants to Grow in Your Terrarium

Here, know about the best plants to grow in terrariums to feel healthier and more connected to nature.

1. Friendship Plant

It is one of the best terrarium plants that you can build in your house and also makes a great gift to give to your friends. It grows up to 12 inches, and leaves have deep craters.

Friendship Plant

2. East Indian Holly Fern

It is an easy terrarium plant to grow in the house because it takes minimal space and fits into the glass container. They prefer a moist potting mix and high humidity.

East Indian Holly Fern

3. Watermelon Peperomia

This is one of the most beautiful and simply best plants for the indoor terrarium. It grows up to 8 inches, and the leaves are quite small and smooth to touch. The size of this plant is minimal, so you can carry it anywhere.

Watermelon Peperomia

4. Starfish Cactus

It is another unique plant to add in your terrarium garden. The flower is pink in colour, and it changes colour depending on the sunlight. Well, be careful as you might find lots of cactus protecting the bulb.

Starfish Cactus

5. Nerve Plant

It is a tropical plant with beautifully patterned leaves. The full size of this plant is just 12 inches, and it takes less water and sunlight so that you can grow it inside the house too.

Nerve Plant

6. Creeping Fig

It is another beautiful plant with heart-shaped leaves. You can grow it or just a gift to your partner as the symbol of love. You can also use the leaves in the craft to express your love. The plant has the least water and sunlight requirements.

Creeping Fig

7. Croton

This plant is also known as Codiaeum Variegatum. The colour of this plant is gorgeous. The leaves are shaded in yellow and green. It has a golden yellow colour, and it can contain in a small jar. It is much better to put such plants in the place of the house where sunlight has a partial effect on such plants.


8. Baby Tears

Just like the name of this plant, it will look like small balls that grow over the plant. This plant will look small, but it can take all of your terrariums easily. It is essential to cut down the extra leaves from the plant.

Baby Tears

For nature lovers, it is very tough to choose only a few ideal plants for the terrarium with so many varieties of online plants already available. However, in order to give a beautiful look to the house or balcony, it is essential to choose it wisely as different plants have different needs.

Well, amp up your decor with the above mentioned best plants to put in the terrarium and add an aura of positivity to your space.

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