5 Easy DIY Gifts That Will Embellish Any Occasion With Love and Beauty

Whenever there is a special occasion, it demands an apt gift because gifts are the token of love and appreciation that sends the message of goodwill and best wishes. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, festival, Valentine’s Day, graduation or simply to convey the feelings of your heart, presents are the tip choice to convey the joy brimming in your heart. More than often, people tend to head to the local market or a nearby gift shop to pick something suitable or hop on to online gift portals to choose gift portraying the emotions they are feeling but there is something special about DIY gifts that steals the show. It instantly elevates the emotional quotient and tells the receiver that you love them enough to actually put time and effort into creating something specifically for them. It might sound difficult but it isn’t! Here are a few easy DIY gifts that will help you to relay your feelings towards your loved ones.

Gifts That Will Definitely Embellish Any Occasion

1. A Photo Collage Monogram

This one is super easy and exudes cool vibes with a hint of nostalgia. Just take a large sheet of cardboard and cut it into the shape of a monogram of your choice, be it an alphabet or some other logo. Paint the cut-out in black and let it dry for a couple of hours. In the meantime, collect or take the print out some beautiful memories of the person whom you wish to gift the monogram. It is easier nowadays with social media accounts. Once the paint gets dry, paste those photographs with glue on the monogram and you will have a beautiful present to give to your best friend or anyone close to your heart.

Photo Collage Monogram

2. Salt and Pepper Shakers

With this gift, you are going to put a new spin to an age-old present. Grab a pair of mason jars and put some tape on the mouth. Pain the jars on the outside in whichever colour you wish to. It is preferable to apply at least two coats of paint to cover the jars neatly. Use a hammer and nail to punch a few holes on the lids. Once the paint on the jars is dried, you could use washi tape or some more paint to make a design on the jars. It provides complete freedom to make those jars look like what you want them to be and it hardly costs anything. This handmade gift idea will surely steal their hearts.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

3. Felt Coasters

Summers calls for colas, lemon juice, margaritas, ice teas and whatnot. These chilled drinks soothe the soul but the condensing glasses also put a mark on the table. Why make your loved one compromise with boring, old coasters when you can whip a few colourful ones in no time at all. All you need is some felt sheets, thread and needle and scissors. Cut out a round piece of felt and a smaller piece in another colour. Place the smaller ones at the top of the larger circle and sew it on the sides. To give it the look of lime or orange, cut a few triangle pieces and place as shown in the picture and sew them on too. These felt coasters will instantly elevate the look of the dining room.

Felt Coasters

4. A Chunky Blanket

This one will make them feel cosy and remind them of your touch all year long. These chunky blankets could enhance the look of a bedroom instantly and buying them is a pretty expensive affair, so why not make it at home? All you need is sewing needles and a few rolls of chunky yarn. You could make it without needles if you know how to braid. Take three strings of yarn and start making braids out of them. You could make an arm’s length of knitting within 45 minutes and extend it as per your like.

Chunky Blanket

5. The Photo Coasters

Fun, easy and thrifty, this project will certainly take them back to good old memories and is also fun to make. Pick some coaster sized tiles from any hardware shop and paint the rough edges. Resize the photos to match the size of the tile and cut felt paper of the same size. Using superglue, stick two or three layers of felt paper on the tile to provide a soft base for the photos. Stick photos on the coaster and to make it waterproof, wrap it with the clear plastic or use an acrylic sealer.

Photo Coasters

If you are too busy to do these yourself, you can always find an alternative on online gift portals like FlowerAura and send gifts online anywhere in the country.