How to Make your own Terrarium in 7 Simple Steps

A splash of greenery in the house can instantly amp up the look of your place but, you cannot always have a large lush green garden or yard. However, that shouldn’t be stopping you from having a green tint to your place. Building a terrarium is a great way to explore your creative side and, at the same time, indulge in the green hues. Umpteen DIY terrarium ideas are flooding on the internet, but sometimes these ideas may leave you perplexed.

Make your own Terrarium

Here, we bring DIY terrarium ideas that are sure to be a treat to the eyes. With these 7 simple steps, you can create a whimsical garden.

Making a terrarium: What should you know?

1. Begin With The Basics

You need first to collect some of the basic things for your terrarium. You would need the following:

  • Terrarium Container- You can easily get them online or buy it from your local nursery
  • Plants– Based on what kind of terrarium you would like to create, you can pick the plant, in case you are unsure, then various stores sell online plants in India. You can explore these options.
  • Figurines- A terrarium is incomplete until you have a good figuring to accentuate the look of your terrarium.

You can get as creative as you want when it comes to creating a terrarium.

Begin With The Basics

2. Prep Up The Container

The good thing about terrarium is that terrariums are highly versatile. Even with the basic stuff, you can create outstanding designs. If you are looking for, “How to make a terrarium in a jar,” then you must begin with cleaning the jar first. You can use warm water and vinegar to clean the terrarium jar.

Prep Up The Container

3. Soil It Up

The next step is adding the soil if you are thinking how to make a closed terrarium with ease, then you need to add soil halfway, it should be such that you get enough space to place plants and other additional decorative stuff. Usually, people use succulents in a terrarium, so you must create small holes in the soil for easy placement of plants.

Soil It Up

4. Go Back & Move Forward

Well, not in the literal sense, but you must follow this step while planting the plants. Make sure you plant the succulents first at the back and then move forward. This DIY succulent terrarium idea will ensure that there is no chaos while preparing the terrarium.

Go Back & Move Forward

5. The Rocky Garden

Terrariums are incomplete without rocks. If you are making your own terrarium, you must not get over-generous with the use of rocks. Remember, you are adding rocks to make your terrarium look beautiful, so you must use it creatively. Here we suggest not to use painted rocks and soil, as the chemicals from the paint can hamper the growth of succulents.

Rocky Garden

6. Now The Decoration

At this stage, you give the finishing touch to your terrarium, you can add lights, or small figures of animals and other decorative pieces to make your terrarium look mystical and beautiful.

Now The Decoration

7. Plants Need Care

You must not miss this step, creating a good terrarium is not enough, if you wish to make it last longer, then you need to take care of the plants in it. Spraying water and exposing them to the sun, once in a while, is a great way to enhance the longevity of succulents.

Plants Need Care

With these basic steps on how to make a succulent terrarium, you can create the most beautiful terrariums for your place. This is a basic terrarium guide; you can modify the same as you like and create innovative designs in a jar. So what are you waiting for, give your creative side wings and make a beautiful terrarium today.