Flowers That Soothe Your Soul (Flowers With Healing Properties)

The power of nature has surely been underestimated for the past few years. With increasing awareness, people all around the world have come to know about the innate healing properties of flowers. Flowers are a sheer epitome of beauty with medicinal utility. They are not something which casts a magical spell just with its evoking appeal and aroma. From get well soon flowers to some other exotic flowers, every flower is one of a kind in its meaning, appeal, colour, structure and usage. But also some flowers for healing and strength are simply the ones which make our day, effortlessly. Most of us might have heard of medicinal plants, but only a few of us would know there existed some medicinal flowers. A healing flowers bouquet treats us better than some of the medicines, as well. These are a few delicate beauties and their medicinal benefits that one should know.

Healing Flowers

1. Jasmine

This beautiful flower gets its name from “Yasmeen” which means a gift from god/. Well, we have to say indeed it is a gift from god. Mostly drunk as a tea, this flower has got the power to cure body aches and cramps and also looks after any of the digestion issues that one has. It also looks after ulcers and prevents anxiety and sleeps issues.


2. Calendula

When we read about flower sayings, we can’t stop praising the beauty of roses. But when we read about the flowers that heal, we can’t just end our discussion without talking about calendula flowers. For decades, the petals of Calendulas are used to treat cuts, burns and wounds. It has got some incredible antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory glycosides. This flower has got some properties to heal skin conditions, including rashes and acne.


3. Lavender

One of the essentials while experiencing heaven in aromatherapy, lavender is used as essential oil which has got a rejuvenating effect to help people relax or de-stress. Also, helps to manage stress, anxiety and difficulty sleeping, the oil made of this flower has got some anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which heal wounds, burns and even acne, as well as some throat and chest conditions.


4. Rose

It’s not just beautiful on the outside, but also is a healer. Rich in Vitamin C, an important antioxidant for overall health and fighting some more serious conditions like heart disease and stroke. The petals of this flower are said to increase circulation, fight depression and anxiety, relieve infections and combat viruses, among a ton of other health benefits. Gifting a rose or a bouquet acts as an instant mood uplifter.


5. PassionFlower

With its vibrant colours and distinct petal formations, as far as the healing properties of this flower are concerned, it is used to treat mental and emotional conditions, including stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety and panic. Since the Aztecs first discovered their healing properties, it has been quite widely used as a great sedative.