Best Ways to Decorate your Living Room Table

Unless you are in a new living room revolution, then your living room center table is one of the most important things in your space. It is much more than placing your wine glass in it or using it for kicking it with feet. The living room is a great spot to spend time with friends or to make a few great memories sitting with your family. Well, we will help you out in getting the best living room center table decoration ideas and living room corner table ideas. Add charm to your living room by taking ideas from below.

Best Ways to Decorate your Living Room Table

1. Think Outside the Box

A rectangular or a square table sounds traditional, right? Well, it’s time you explore some other designs for the table to give your living room a more refreshing, cool and unique view. You can go for sculptures which can be moved around easily. Get these two or three and place it in a decorative manner for a more lively look.

Think Outside the Box

2. Table Top Flower Arrangement

One of the best living room table decor ideas! All you need is a couple of mini vases of flowers. Choose a transparent glass vase or maybe something vintage and put in a bunch of blooming flowers in it. You can also opt for a weekly flower subscription service to fill in the table vase with different exotic flowers.

Table Top Flower Arrangement

3. Bring in Greenery

Another great tabletop decor idea for a lively look! Buy an indoor plant like a succulent or go for terrarium plants. Get a perfect vase for the plant and bring a little fresh energy to your living room table. It is surely one of the best table centrepieces that can make a big difference. Also, plants attract positive vibes and purify the air around.

Bring in Greenery

4. Stacks on Stacks

Stack books, novels, magazines and place decorative objects like bowls, a flower vase or anything eye-catching on the top of the stacks. It will indulge the crowd sitting around the table, and the stacks will surely give a classy look to your living room. This stacks arrangement is also one of the best TV table decoration ideas. So, if the TV is placed on the top of the table, then decorate the table with books.

Stacks on Stacks

5. Bowl Aquarium

Don’t get all fancy and magnificent by opting for a big glass aquarium. You can instead go with a cute classic bowl aquarium. There are many designs of bowl aquariums available. Get yourself a creative design and put in some stones, leaves and more decorative things inside the aquarium. Put in some low-maintenance fishes like Bettas, Platies, Swordtail, Goldfish, etc. in the bowl and enjoy the lively look.

Bowl Aquarium

So, these are the best table centerpiece ideas for home from our side! Hope you fill-up the living room table by taking help from these ideas! Adios Amigos!