Importance of Colours Of Love in Life

Colours embrace, Colours smile, Full of love, they got a tribe!

Colours express, Colours soothe, Bad with thoughts, then also they bloom!

Colours sing, Colours dance, Moody like hell, but awesome from the heart!

Colours feel, Colours shine, full of strength, they bliss a life!

Colours toughness, Colours boldness, are full of hope, to give a beautiful life!

Yes! That’s how important colours are in life as there is a link between colours and emotions. Do you ever feel blue in front of your eyes or black and white? Or are you seeing red on some evenings? Sometimes, it can be something as small as green for a few minutes while sitting near a window or something bright on a rainy day! Well, whatever the colour is, there is a significance attached to it that is different for everyone.

Importance of Colours Of Love in Life

Saturation and brightness have to do everything with different colours and our emotional reaction to them. Let’s say the colours that are more saturated and less bright like royal blue are more energizing to look at and those that are less saturated and bright like coral pink are more relaxing.

Interesting point

Ever thought why colours are called warm and cool? Well, there’s a reason behind it! If the colour that we paint on the wall is warm or the colour of flowers that we buy is warm, then we actually feel the temperature warmer than the cool colours. Thus, warm colours make a good option in cool climates and cool colours in warm climates.

There is even a festival of colours - Holi celebrated to mark the arrival of spring. Some celebrate it to celebrate the victory of good over evil. The festival is celebrated with vibrant colours and full enthusiasm that represents how lively and energetic colours are and how they can fill the life of any human with happiness and joy!


People always choose the colour of the flower according to the significance. As each colour represents a different meaning like white represents innocence, charm and purity, red represents romance and love, yellow represents joy, orange represents enthusiasm and energy, blue represents calmness and loyalty, pink represents admiration and gentleness, and so on.

Humans are more comfortable in spaces with colours, and that’s how life should be! Always add #coloursoflove to your life and to the life of your loved ones by surprising them with colourful holi gifts and flowers.