Bhai Dooj 2020: Everything You Should Know about Rituals and the Puja Vidhi

The festive season has started. A week from now, we all will be celebrating the brightest festival of the year, Diwali. The following day of the Deepavali is celebrated as the festival of Govardhan, and the third day or the last day in the festive week is Bhai Dooj. This festival is honoured across India traditionally and is known by different names like Bhau Beej in Maharashtra, Bhai Tika in Nepal, Bhai Phota in Bengal and Ningol Chakuba in Manipur.

Bhai Dooj Rituals

It is a brother-sister festival, where sisters perform Pooja, sweeten their brother’s mouth with sweets, give him gifts, and pray for his longevity. Bhai Dooj falls on the dark lunar fortnight in the month of Kartik. This year, Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on 16th November 2020. For this year the auspicious Bhai Dooj tikka Muhurat is between 1:09 pm to 3:16 pm.

Bhai Dooj tikka Muhurat

For performing the Bhai Dooj Pooja as per the Hindu customs and traditions, sisters would need the following Bhai Dooj Samagri:

A pooja Thali

Earthen oil lamp (diya)

Roli-chawal for Tilak


Fresh flowers

Betel Nut


Bhai Dooj Rituals

On the day of Bhai Dooj, sisters and brothers should wake up early, take a bath, and get ready in new clothes.

1. Decorate the pooja thali with a diya, roli-chawal, fruits, flowers, Moli, and sweets, and betel nut.

2. On the floor, chalk out a square with rice.

3. As per the Shubh Muhurat, ask your brother to sit on the square with folded legs and a handkerchief on his head

4. Now, the sister will perform the aarti by rotating the pooja thali in front of him with a lit diya.

5. After the Pooja, the sister will apply Tilak on the brother’s forehead, followed by offering sweets and fruits.

6. Gifts are also exchanged between brothers and sisters.

bhai dooj swastik

Bhai Dooj Pooja Vidhi in the Different States

Due to the rich diversity that India is known for, Bhai Dooj Pooja Vidhi is celebrated differently in different states as per their language, customs and traditions but with the same faith that binds all the brothers and sisters of this nation.

Bhai Phota in West Bengal: On this day, sisters observe fast and apply Tilak on their brother’s forehead. After the Tilak, they treat their brothers with lunch.

Bhau Beej in Maharashtra: In Marathi, Bhao means Bhai, hence the name. On the eve, the sister completes the Tilak, and she prays for his long life.

Bhai Dooj in Uttar Pradesh: In UP, the sisters after applying tilak offer to crystallize sugar and water. There is also a custom of offering dried coconut and water.

Bhai Dooj in Nepal: In Nepal, Bhai Dooj is also by the name of Bhai Tihar. Tihar means Tilak. Sisters apply tika on the brother’s forehead consisting of seven colours and then pray for his long life.

Wishing all brothers and sisters a very blissful and auspicious Bhai Dooj!