Some Healthy And Useful Gifts For Bhai Dooj 2022

The mesmerising hues of festive vibes are knocking on the doors. Get yourself drenched in the love-filled festival of Bhai Dooj as you pamper your beloved brother with thoughtful Bhai Dooj gifts. It is a well-known fact that gifts can instantly cheer up anyone and when it comes to the festivals like Bhai Dooj, you have a plethora of bhai dooj gift ideas for brother. However, this year, you can switch to healthy and useful gift items for your brother to make it even more special for him. If you are also looking for such bhai dooj gifts for brother, you can consider the options mentioned below.

Membership of Gym

If you want to extend a thoughtful and useful gift to your brother on Bhai Dooj, you can surely give him membership in any Gym. These memberships can be acquired on an annual basis as well. So, if your brother is a fitness freak, you can surely give him a gym membership. In this way, he can work out every day and keep himself in shape.

Air Fryer

If your loving brother can not keep his hands off delicious snacks but has to maintain his fitness and wellness, an air fryer will be the best gift choice for him. So, on Bhai Dooj 2022, switch to this healthy and useful gift item for your foodie brother. You can take a look at the options available online. Different brands conduce to present air fryers with plenty of features.


How about switching to delicious and healthy snacks instead of calorie-loaded sweets on Bhai Dooj? Sounds perfect right? So, get your hands on different snacks made up of healthful ingredients like oats and dry fruits. Your brother will surely be surprised with this wise gift choice of yours. However, you can also gift jaggery made sweets instead of sugar ones as it will not impact his fitness. Sweets made up of coconut are also a perfect luscious option without enhancing the sugar levels in the body.

Smartwatch or Fitness Band

In today’s fast-paced world, we all tend to overlook our health and fitness. The minute details of our everyday physical workout can make a surpassing impact on our overall health. A smartwatch and fitness band is undoubtedly a great way to keep a track of one’s daily physical activities like steps taken, running, jogging, skipping. Apart from these features, one can check his/her heart rate, BP and oxygen levels. So, do not think twice before buying this super useful gift as it is surely one of the best bhai dooj gifts ever.

So, celebrate the siblingship with great enthusiasm as you startle your loving brother with any of the healthy bhai dooj gifts mentioned above.

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