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You love your brother and you relish the many number of childhood memories with him. And still in the lovely rush of this festival somehow it slipped from your mind that the light festival of Diwali is also associated with Bhai Dooj. So you have not made any preparation for the festival. You would love to send the special gift, pooja thali and sweets to your brother. But there seems no time left for any of the preparation. So what can you do? You have so much to do. There are gifts, pooja thali, tikka and sweets to buy and then send them.

Well it is for super busy, super caring and super loving sisters like you that we offer the online portal delivery of Floweraura website. We understand your lover for your near ones and at the same time your completely messed up daily time table. So here we are with the most awesome combos for your brother . Just click on our website to avail the best combos crafted especially for the festival. It might be a city close to yours or a farfetched one in India our network will enable your gift reaches your brother. So just order with us and enjoy the day.

You are so excited about this Diwali. Your brother has taken leave from his job to celebrate Diwali with his family. You are his little sister and with Bhai Dooj festival in close vicinity you are already making plans to make it special. So this Bhai Dooj why not gift your dear brother the Bhai Dooj tikka, flowers and gifts to make it further special. And don’t you complain about the scarcity of time you are dealing with. You don’t even have to go out in the market shopping. All you need to do is click on our Floweraura website.

We have the most awesome combinations of flowers, sweets, pooja thali and gift. You can select either of these for your dear brother and we ensure that it will reach you in time . You don’t have to worry about the transaction process or quality of products. We promise to deliver the best!

The festival of Diwali is not a one day festival. It comes every year with a complete package of five day. Each day has its own importance. So as a child just when you thought that the fun and frolic of Diwali is over you would see your mum making some more sweets and getting the pooja thali ready for her brother. You too would do the same for your brother. This is the beauty of the festivals they bring relations closer, they provide with a flavor of togetherness and they inculcate love in each bond.

This is the epitome of the festival of Bhai Dooj. So this Bhai dooj when you are in another city away from your dearest, pampering brother why not send him gift to make his day? If you are worried about what to send and how to send, all your queries will be cleared once you click on the website of Floweraura. We have the best collection of Gifts for your brother . You just click on the gift and pursue a safe transaction process. We ensure that the gift which you selected for your dear bro will reach him on time. So this Bhai dooj surprise your brother with a beautiful gift!