Birthday Gift For One Year Baby Girl

You are invited to the first birthday of a baby girl. You are super excited to attend her birthday party, but we can spot tension lines on your forehead. Are you worried about the birthday gift for her? What to get the Lil princess for her first milestone that will sparkle her eyes and make her clap hands out of joy? Well, there are many ideas of birthday gift for 1 year baby girl, we have mentioned the ones that will be useful for her.

Birthday Gift For One Year Baby Girl

1) Dress

A nice dress with ruffles, bow and flowers is the best birthday gift choice for her. Along with the dress, you can couple matching accessories like a hairband and shoes. All dressed; she will look like a pretty doll in the house.

Dress For One Year Baby Girl

2) Toys

Kids love to play with toys. Toys help them in building motor skills, developing concentration and learning abilities. For a girl, you can choose toys like musical xylophone, tea set, dolls, teathers, soft toys, activity walker, rider, or any other toy.

Toys For One Year Baby Girl

3) One Year Photo Frame

Make the parent and family cherish the memories of their daughter’s twelve months with a one-year photo frame. Within the photo frame 12 spaces are provided with captions like one-month, two months, and so on. Paste pictures from her to complete her journey.

Photo Frame For One Year Baby Girl

4) Story Books

Nursery rhymes, story books, colouring books, can be gifted to her. As she grows, and starts to say words, she will find it interesting to speak nursery rhymes in her language. The gift will help her mom make the child learn the basics from an early age.

Story Books For One Year Baby Girl

5) Swing Toy

Who doesn’t like to Swing? She will love to swing in this safe and comfortable swing toy. When cool breezes are flowing, let your child fly high in the air and she will laugh her lungs out.

Swing Toy For One Year Baby Girl

6) Play Mat

Now that she has turned one, she has learned to take baby steps and enjoy playing around the house. To make the house toxic-free for her, you can give a play mat. A colourful mat with soft cushioning and nursery print that will provide soft landing when she is physically active and learning while playing.

Play Mat For One Year Baby Girl

7) Baby Care Products

A pack of gentle baby care products to keep her skin soft and supple. Along with the baby care products, you can gift bathing toys along to make her bath sessions bubbly and playful.

Baby Care Products

8) Booties and Headband Set

A set of booties and headband in crochet will make the girl look like an angel from heaven. Packed beautifully in a gift box, it makes for a ready-to-give gift. Choose your colours wisely.

Booties and Headband Set

9) Feeding Table-Chair

A feeding table and chair so she learns to sit and eat. It is a convenient way to make a child eat food without having to run after them. A thoughtful gift that the child’s mother will like a lot.

Baby Girl Feeding Table Chair

10) Pillows and Dohar

A nice, soft, and cosy pillow and dohar set for the girl so she can have a panda sleep. Pillows, cushions, and dohar should be of cotton muslin fabric as to avoid rashes on her baby skin.

Baby Girl Pillows and Dohar

You have enough ideas to shop. Pick and gift her the best of all.