How to Celebrate Your Best Friend's Birthday

Well here's the question of the decade, isn't it, how to celebrate your best friend's birthday because no matter what you do your best friend will always be there to pick on you, pull your leg. But in their hearts, they will always know it is a memorable moment of their life and a benchmark in the journey of your friendship. Now there are kinds of best friendships, one that is since childhood, honestly, God brings that together and they are meant to stick. But then there are those that we find on our own during our school, college, playground, kindergarten life and they are the ones that we manifest from the first moment we are in a crowd or silence and feel the need of that one shoulder that we can lean on. And when we get that one person who does not judge us no matter the confessions and comes up with solutions both ethical and unethical as and when the time requires, we call them the best friend. When this person is so enormously gigantic important to you, it is also important that you plan their perfect birthday party with minimum to no glitches. Here’s are some tips on how to celebrate your best friend birthday.

 How to Celebrate your Best Friend's Birthday

1. Get flowers

It's a great strategy to get flowers to impress a girl especially when it's our best friend and it's her birthday, you can get red roses, white lilies, pink carnation, daisies and so much more that too in combinations in bouquets, boxes, mugs transparent vases and what not and you get it all delivered easily by choosing any florists online.


2. Get a cake

The next best thing you need that increases the chances of your best friend praising you just a tad bit in the peers, is a cake. Get a red velvet, vanilla, pineapple, butterscotch, chocolate, choco truffle, fruit cake, orange, rainbow multi-tiered, photo, poster, or designer cake that too from an online bakery that does it all for you with ease.

3. Plan a party

Even though you may get together almost all the days of the year but birthday comes just once and you make it absolutely party like. Arrange flowers in the room, set up happy birthday balloons, get a champagne bottle balloon, set a tent theme, and call overall friends and family members, Begin the celebration with a cake and champagne and end it with warm late-night pizzas.

Plan a party

4. Sweep them off their feet

Do something that comes out like the most amazing, unexpected surprise ever. It may be a prank that suggests no party this year, or you invite people they wanted to come but they thought won't be able to make it. You can call them to a place where the whole party is already set or you could gift them something out of the world and that they wanted.

5. A heartfelt greeting card

It may be the hardest but the most pleasurable gift on any birthday and it is a heartfelt greeting card. Yes, you have to write it yourself and it has to be personal, funny, sarcastic, heartwarming, full of anecdotes and above all memorable. From the cover to the last full stop each word should say magic and love.

A heartfelt greeting card

6. A bunch of presents

Now what's a birthday party without a bunch of presents, no one has the answer to it better than you and you know your best friend in the whole town is going to be angry if you don't have the best presents. You could start with a flower, a handbag, a watch, a planter, a ring, accessories, hampers or could give them a basket of presents equal to their age now.

 A bunch of presents

7. Plan a Getaway

How about you two along with your other friends planning a getaway to a place they’ve never been to before? It is definitely one of the tried and tested plans to celebrate the best friends birthday. You can check on google where you can go nearby your place or maybe somewhere far. The choice is yours!

8. A night over

A birthday has to last for more than 24 hours considering it comes only once a year. Begin the celebration with a night stay. Reach their place around afternoon or evening, enjoy the midnight birthday bell, cut the cake, eat and binge-watch through the night and go out to celebrate during the next day, the actual birthday.

9. A night out

What you need to do the next day is come back home after the celebration and get ready for the night. Pick up your cars. And go for long drives or stay in hotels with excellent services and enjoyable time. Play the music, visit places, eat, drink, do it all.

10. Digital Surprise

No matter if you are with your best friend or far away from him or her, a digital surprise always works. All you have to do is book online and dedicate a birthday song or any of their favourite songs and watch the smile go wide on their face. To make it more special and memorable, you can connect with their favourite celeb who can send them a nice birthday message.

11. Karaoke Night

Apart from the above exciting ideas, if you are still searching for ideas to celebrate my friend birthday then you can plan a karaoke night at home ( of course, you will need a proper set-up) or maybe a restaurant that organizes a karaoke night. Trust us, this is the best best friend birthday celebration idea.

So, these were some ideas on how to celebrate a friends birthday. Make it a day to remember. Do not forget to capture every moment and later you can gift your friend a collage of all these memories.