Brighten Up You Holi With Natural, Homemade Holi Colours

Holi, the festival of colours is here.

We know you are fretting about the stubborn Holi colours and skin allergies. Well, that could be one reason you do not like Holi and be deprived of all the fun, frolic, and love that Holi envelopes but we have a solution.

Thought preparing colors at home was a tiring task? You no more need to wonder how to make Holi colours at home. Here’s presenting various natural ways to prepare Holi colours so that you do not refrain from enjoying the colours of the fun.

 Play Holi with Herbal Colors

Take a guide to these tips for making natural, homemade colours for a safe and herbal Holi

1.Green Colour

  • Mix henna powder with equal quantities of flour for an eco-friendly green Holi colour. Note that you need to use pure mehendi and not the henna powder mixed with amla as it shall leave a brown colour on the skin as it does on the hair.
  • Spinach, mint leaves and coriander leaves are other popular choices to go with for making organic Holi colours of green shades.
Green Color


  • Use turmeric powder mixed with double quantity of gram flour (besan) and little water for an amazing yellow herbal colour. This mixture has therapeutic abilities and shall not harm the skin at all.

    Alternatives of gram flour: Groundnut powder (arra rot), fuller’s earth (multani mitti), flour.

  • Hand mix 100gm haldi, 200gm arrowroot powder, 20gm orange peel powder (finely powdered), 50gm marigold flowers and 20 drops essential oil of lemon or sandalwood for a perfect yellow and natural Holi gulal at home.
Yellow Color


  • If you wonder how you could make red Holi colour at home, beetroot is your definite go-to agent for a perfect magenta or red shade. For making a dry Holi powder at home, grind beetroot and let it dry in the sun.
  • You could also boil a few pieces of beetroot in water and create a beautiful herbal Holi colour.
  • Hibiscus flower is another option that can be ground and dried for your gulal making process.
Red Color


  • Use Jacaranda flowers for a deep blue tinge this Holi. These flowers appear in springtime and can be easily ground and crushed for an eco-friendly Holi colour.
  • Alternatively, you can also use blue hibiscus just like the red one for a dry herbal gulal colour.
  • For water based herbal Holi colour, crush blueberries and dilute them in water depending on your choice of concentration.
Blue Colour

5. Brown

  • Boil tea or coffee leaves in water. Let it cool off and what you get is an amazing herbal Holi colour at home.
  • Kattha (eaten with paan) can also be mixed with water for a brownish herbal colour.

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  • Boil dried Indian Gooseberry (Amla) in an iron vessel in leave overnight. Dilute with water and for a black Holi colour.
  • Play Holi safely with black grape juice mixed in water. Note that black grape juice needs to be mixed with sufficient quantities of water to remove stickiness.
Black Colour

With these amazing natural and herbal colours for Holi made from vegetables and flowers, bring vibrant hues of joy into your life and play organic Holi with your friends and family without being cautious about your skin.