International Women’s Day: 7 Reasons Why We Need To Talk About Women More Often

While a lot has been done to bring women on the same platform as men, a lot still needs to be done because not every issue receives a limelight, and thereby a proper fix. While the internet is buzzing with the acknowledgment of every woman’s efforts, there’s a heart rending picture that is easily brushed under the carpet.

International Womens Day

Today, we wish to present 7 plights which need an urgent fix, without which any feminist movement makes less sense.

1.Women Continue To Be Harassed In Public Places

Despite criminalizing voyeurism and stalking, the laws have made little impact on the ground. Regressive mindsets regarding women have still not been resolved. Obscenity, acid attack, demanding sexual favours still continue proving a disjunction between normal and unacceptable behaviour considered by men.

Women Are Harassed in Public Places

2.The Glass Ceiling Still Exists

Most women aspiring for senior positions have to go through a little extra. Equal pay for equal work still remains an issue. While for men it’s not an issue at all on the career front, women need to resolve to break the ceiling to move ahead in their career.

The Glass Ceiling Still Exists

3.Child Marriage Has Not Stopped

Many pockets of the society has still not grown out of child marriage traditions. Although the percentage has undoubtedly, come down but we must not turn a blind eye towards the plight of those significant number who are married off before their legal age.

Child Marriage Has Not Stopped

4.Marital Rape Isn’t Considered A Rape

Marital rape still isn’t a crime. While most of the developed countries have penalized marital rape, surprisingly, there is no law to protect married women against this heinous crime in India. Contract of legal sex that doesn’t require a permission, is it?

Marital Rape Isn’t Considered A Rape

5.Girls Are Forced Into Prostitution

Despite all the movement and empowerment, many women from village are tricked into the trade with promises of money and good job and until the grievousness of the situation is realized, the trap becomes too difficult to come out from.

Girls Are Forced Into Prostitution

6.Trans Women Are Still Met With Resistance

The worst kind of stigma in society is faced by the trans women. Their sexual orientation puts them under the light and more often than not, they are tagged sinful or dishonourable. More efforts are required to bring this marginalized community into the mainstream.

Trans Women Are Still Met With Resistance

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7.Parents Still Worry About The Marriageable Age

We shall not generalize but still, the parameter of a girl’s success still primarily, remains if she is able to acquire a rich and “well settled” groom, her career being secondary. Besides, parents tend to put their marriage on the first page no matter what height of the career she is at.

Parents Still Worry About The Marriageable Age
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