Cacao vs Cocoa - Which Makes The Best Cake

We all love chocolate and chocolate-based products. Didn't we?

One such product that we all savour with our hearts and mouths wide-open is Chocolate Cake.

But how many of us know the difference between Cocoa and Cacao and which one is the best to bake a cake?

You may have seen cocoa or cacao powder and solids as an ingredient on packed chocolate products. It is easy to get confused as to the difference between the two since Cocoa and Cacao actually have a lot in common, the most important being chocolate. Even if there is a high similarity between the spelling and the pronunciation, both are different.

Cacao vs Cocoa

We will tell you how and which one is best to bake a cake. Let's start with the basic understanding!

What is Cacao?

Cacao is actually raw chocolate which is less processed than chocolate bars. It is obtained from the Theobroma cacao tree, a tropical native South American which produces large, pod-like fruits, each containing 20–60 beans surrounded by a sticky, sweet-tart white pulp. It is a high source of antioxidants and provides a high amount of magnesium. Products like cacao nibs, cacao butter, cacao mass, and cacao powder are all made from raw Cacao.


How is Cacao processed?

The Cacao beans are considered as raw because they are processed at low temperatures and are not roasted, and this process retains the living enzymes and removes the fat. Cacao is the purest form of chocolate that you can consume.

Theobroma Tree

Benefits of Cacao

• A delicious source of magnesium to boost energy level.

• Cacao contains anandamide which creates a sense of happiness in mind.

• It increases blood flow to the skin surface, which makes your skin glow.

• Due to its richness in dietary fibre, it improves digestion.

• Provide positive results to stop premature ageing.

What is Cocoa?

Cocoa is a heated form of raw Cacao that most of the people purchase at grocery stores to bake cakes and hot chocolate, such as cocoa powder. Most of the chocolate bard available in the market contains cocoa butter and cocoa solids. It is also used to make coffee.


How is Cocoa processed?

Cocoa looks mostly the same to the Cacao, but the difference is that cocoa powder is the resultant of raw Cacao which is roasted at high temperatures. Cocoa processing involves both fermentation and roasting, whereas Cacao is only fermented. But, due to extra heating, Cocoa lacks nutritional benefits.

Benefits of Cocoa

• Helps to reduce high blood pressure by improving nitric oxide levels.

• Use of Cocoa lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke.

• Polyphenols improve blood flow to the brain.

• It improves symptoms of depression by various means.

• Cocoa contains anti-asthmatic compounds, such as theobromine and theophylline.

Coming to the CAKE

Well, most of the chocolate cakes are made from Cocoa because cocoa powder is a near-pure ingredient, substantially made up of cocoa solids with very little fat content. Cocoa has a more concentrated flavour which brings more chocolate flavour to bakery products such as cakes, cookies brownies, and pastries. If you order chocolate cake from any bakery, 99.99% chances are that you will be catered with a cake made by using cocoa powder. The other reason why Cocoa is used more than Cacao is the difference in sweetness. As Cacao is the raw and little processed ingredient, it tastes bitter, whereas Cocoa is sweet, which is good for cakes.

Chocolate Cake

Cacao Powder v/s Cocoa Powder: which one to use for baking cake?

For those who love eating cakes for their sweet and fatty taste, Cocoa is the go-to option.

But, those who are concerned about their health and still want to eat something as delicious as cakes, cacao powder will do the task.

But before you start replacing Cacao and Cocoa with each other to bake something unique for yourself, here are some knowledgeable points to remember

• Cacao powder has a strong flavour and aroma than Cocoa; it means you should use less of it than you would cocoa powder.

• The cocoa powder absorbs less liquid than cacao powder, so use the liquids depending on which powder you are using, Cocoa or Cacao.

• Cocoa powder is less acidic, and hence it will not react with baking soda in the same way that cacao powder will.

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