Cake Design: Modern Decorating Techniques

Cakes are one of the traditional delicacies to expect on all special occasion gatherings. Cake decorating techniques are the ideal way to make everyone at the occasion crave a lip-smacking cake slice. To help you spruce up special occasion celebrations with an enticing and lip-smacking cake, in this blog, we share modern cake decorating techniques.

Cake decorating techniques

1. Spatula cake designs

Create a unique artistic styled cake using a spatula and buttercream. To bakers, a spatula is just like a paintbrush to a painter. Use the spatula to paste the buttercream to paint the cake. There are various design options to go with like drawing flowers and various other shapes and designs. You can use the spatula to flatten out the cake’s edges or create some mesmerising designs.

Spatula cake designs

2. Premade fondant flower designs

Take your baking skillset to the pro level with fondant. It is quite easy to make flower designs using fondant! All you need is fondant and a flower mould. Spread buttercream on your cake and smoothen the surface with a spatula, then press edible flower decorations. There are various premade fondant flower designs from which to choose. Check out designer cakes for some of the most trendings fondant shape ideas.

cake decorating techniques

3. Hand painting techniques

The hand-painting techniques are some of the best ways to decorate cakes. The technique is a bit similar to the spatula technique, but this one - you can use your hands, a cake brush, or other tools to create amazing decorations. You can use chocolate, meringue, and buttercream. If you are someone with a passion for painting or drawing, then you will definitely love the hand-painting technique.

chocolate cake decorating techniques

4. Stencil cake designs

One of the best ways to up your cake decorating skills is with modern decorating techniques. With a cake stencil, you can create amazing cake designs. There are various cake stencil designs and shapes.

cake decorating methods

5. Royal Icing Technique

One of the most popular techniques for icing is the Lambeth Method (royal icing over-piping technique). This technique is based on piping thin layers of icing to create a royal texture. For beginners, it’s best that you first master the art of holding the piper in place and maintaining the thickness of the icing.

cake decorating techniques

6. Meringue

If you are short on time for the new cake decorating methods, then the meringue cake decorating technique is the meringue method. This is one of the simplest cake decorating techniques for decorating desserts, cupcakes and pull me up cakes.

In Conclusion

Now that you know some of the trending cake decorating techniques, the best way to master skills - is to practise. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, with time the challenging techniques will soon feel like taking a walk in the park. Check and compare your skillset and order birthday cakes or any other delicious cakes. And surprise your loved ones with a lip-smacking vegan eggless cake online.