Cake Ideas For Dogs

What’s that? Do you say your dog is spoiled? Perfect, you’ve come to the right place because we don’t have the feeling that your dog is spoiled enough! This is why we have the most amazing cakes for your dog. They’re delightful (yes, they’re human AND canine friendly!) and a great way to celebrate another year with your BFFF (Best-Furry-Friend-Forever). So buy birthday cakes that are yummy and delightful for your dog..

We feel that the best​ dog foods are the ones made ​at home with love. So here are some of the best cake ideas for your dog!

Cake ideas for dogs

1. Peanut Butter Delight Dog Birthday Cake

A carrot and peanut butter-based cake with banana icing – impeccable for celebrating cake day with your bestie or if you just feel the need to spoil your fur baby. It’s also quite delicious because it can be shared with humans too.

 Peanut Butter Delight Dog Birthday Cake

2. Carrot Peanut Butter Pupcakes

An awesome little cupcake recipe using all the usual doggie favourites – peanut butter, some apple sauce (instead of oil), carrots, and a touch of honey. I’m sure your dog will love them, but they make an excellent healthy breakfast item for humans too.

3. Banana Carob Oat Cake

Can we just take a moment to gape at this masterpiece? It’s like a bit of peanut butter kingdom – beautiful. Don’t let the chocolate chips trick you, though; those are carob chips – a healthy and dog-safe alternative to chocolate.

4. Pumpkin Peanut Butter Puppy Cake

Some mom-approved and drool-worthy ingredients make the perfect pumpkin and peanut butter cake, with a bit of pumpkin frosting (of course). If your dog is slightly more sensitive (or maybe on a diet), use a little plain greek yoghurt instead and skip the cream cheese.

5. Grain-Free Mini Dog Cakes

A perfect dog birthday cake recipe – healthy grain-free mini-cakes with a bit of yoghurt icing. These are great treats for dogs with more sensitive tummies or who perhaps don’t need all those extra calories.

6. Grain-Free Peanut Butter Apple Doggy Cake

Looking for something super-easy and doggy approved? This one is perfect with only four ingredients, and it only takes about 25 minutes to make! Plus, it has a dogs number one favourite thing in the whole world – Peanut Butter.

7. Mini Dog Birthday Cake

Another masterpiece from a true baker is the cake you present to make all the other dogs wary! If you’re throwing your dog a birthday party, then the almond eater has you covered with a restaurant-quality cake for humans and canines to enjoy.

8. Homemade Peanut Butter Banana Pupcakes

If you’re hosting a party for your dog’s cake day, sometimes it’s easier to make cupcakes instead of trying to cut up an entire sized cake (dogs can be impatient after all). Pupcakes are an excellent solution, especially for portion control.

9. Coconut-Honey Doggie Cake

Your dog is very lucky to have mom bake amazing treats for his cake day. Luckily for your dog, by just using just five ingredients, this is a super easy recipe that is delicious for humans and doggies.

10. Spoiled Dog Cake Recipe

Wow! Well, Love From The Oven certainly got the name of the dog cakes recipe right. You may have just found the perfect presentation. Don’t worry though, this recipe is quite simple and uses just a few essential ingredients.

11. Nut-Free Dog Birthday Cake (with Banana Frosting)

Dogs may have a never-ending love for peanut butter, but if their humans have nut allergies, this makes things a little more complicated. Thankfully some drool-worthy alternatives skip the peanuts in favour of extra banana.

So, here were some of the top cake ideas for your fur buddy. Cakes are always a delight, and for your dogs? You should opt for the best dog cake design and dog cakes recipe. Just order a Delicious Cakes Online and your pup is undoubtedly going to be excited with some pretty and cute puppy cake designs. So, opt for the best for your dog from the best cake bakery!