Celebrate safety and health at work by exchanging gifts- World healthy and safety day

Every now and then, an employee is playing with their lives for the sake of their company or even to prove itself. So, inculcating the gift culture shows that they are valued or appreciated by their firm for their contribution and keeps them motivated to strive harder. As part of a good working culture, across every festival and special occasions, every firm believes in the concept of exchanging gifts. By doing so, such gift exchange ideas strengthen the employee-employer relationship. One such occasion which might be underrated when it calls for celebration is World health and safety day, which is celebrated on every April 28. The aim behind celebrating this day is to provide safe, healthy and decent work conditions for the employees. While most of the companies tend to commemorate this day by showing PPTs on safety norms and arranging other fun activities to circulate the message of having a safe, healthy work environment, free of any kind of violence or harassment.

Celebrate Safety and Health

As looking after safety and health of the employees is something which every good company assures of, so when it calls for celebrating something like this return gifts (because employees get these gifts in return of their valuable contribution) are given minding the safety and health of the employees. Below, we have mentioned some of the handpicked return gift ideas for the same. While some of these are available at some local offline stores, if not, then these return gifts can be found online, even. Without further ado, let’s quickly discuss what all are basically gifted on his day.

1. First Aid Box

Making the safety quotient quite explicit, companies offer first aid box while organising some health campaigns. Something like a first aid box is sure to show that you are concerned about your employees. You can customise your own first aid box and can brief your employees as to how to use, when to use it and where to use it (for external or internal purposes).

First Aid Box

2. Surgical Masks

As pollution levels seem to rise every now and then, and every new infection seems surrounding us, something as surgical masks will surely come handy in such times. Moreover, not just providing protection from anything deadly respiratory diseases or infections but also it comes useful when employees have to daily travel in public transport.

Surgical Mask

3. Free Health Camps

This is not something which is something treated as a gift, but rather a blessing. Having a firm which organises a free health camp to look after their employees and their health shows that it cares and values for having/building stronger, healthier manpower. To provide accurate services, companies can collaborate with some recognised medical labs for this noble initiative.

Free Health Camps

4. Sanitary Napkins/ Installing A Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Women’s health and hygiene should be of foremost priority. And if an organisation believes to treat their women employees nicely, then it surely will experience growth in the coming years. One such initiative, which firms can take is providing sanitary napkins or install a sanitary napkin vending machine to ensure that every woman employee is comfortable during their menstruation period.

Sanitary Napkins

5. Plants

Make sure, you give whatever as a token of your love but nothing matches the safety and healthy environment plant care to bless one with. Air-purifying plants like the snake plant, spider plant, aloe vera and English Ivy, among many others, take care of one’s health by increasing the oxygen supply in the air and thereby blessing us with a healthy environment to work in.


So, this is how companies like to celebrate World Health and Safety Day By exchanging gifts thereby doing their bit to make their employees feel at home.