All You Need to Know About April Month Flower

You know the old saying, April rain brings May flowers? Well, what about April Flower?

Your birth flower depends on the month in which you were born, and is traditionally believed to have something to say about your personality. Daisy and Sweet Peas are known to be flowers for April birth month.

Daisies signify innocence, loyal love and purity. They're also the perfect gift for your loved ones, as the Farmer's Almanac recognizes them as a flower that says, "I'll never tell." Sweet peas are another April birth flower, and they represent blissful pleasure, or the ideal way to say "goodbye." By April, spring’s in full swing, and these birth month flowers are ready to express their happy plans and intrigues. In today’s blog we will discuss both the april month flower. Starting with Daisy-

A daisy is a flowering plant with a large, star-shaped head that has clusters of florets surrounding a center disc of yellow or black florets. The daisy family is also known as the aster family, or Asteraceae, referring to the star-shaped flower. They are rugged, versatile, and have a ton of history and symbolism. This is why Daisy is currently the fifth most popular flower in the world and a symbol of culture after culture during the centuries.

About April Month Flower

There are 23,000 individual species in this family. The name “daisy” is often called ‘day’s eye’ as they keep their heads open in the morning and close at night.The daisy is made up of two types of flowers - disk florets and petal-like white ray florets.

Some Facts About Daisy

  • The daisy is a perennial whose evergreen leaves form a basal tuft or a rosette.
  • The daisy flower plant has a growing habit of spreading.
  • Daisies can be propagated in spring or through sowing seeds in spring or late autumn.
  • The English daisy is a weed in the northwestern United States.
  • The daisy flower actually contains two flowers: the petals and the cluster of disc petals are two separate flowers.
  • You can eat the leaves of fresh daisies. They’re great in salads and high in Vitamin C.
  • Daisies are used by children to make daisy chains
  • Bees use the nectar from daisies to make honey.
  • Daisy leaves are edible and can be used in salads.
Facts About Daisy

Sweet Peas

The other April flower is the sweet pea. While sweet peas signify joyous pleasure, on the other hand they are also a symbol of good-bye.

Perhaps Shakespeare had sweet peas in mind when he wrote the immortal words: “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

With their sweet, pleasant aroma, sweet peas are a great choice for both gardens and bouquets. It is known that Sweet peas are 300 years old. Native to Sicily, these ornamental peas once boasted weak stems and a bold, orange-jasmine-honey fragrance. Today's contemporary hybrids have a strong-stalk and very large blooms. Not all sweet peas flower varieties are fragrant, but those that do, live up to their namesake. This particular strain of flower contains 160 species. Growing sweet peas is very much an art form; Some find it too easy, while others struggle. Modern sweet pea plants are particularly hard, and can be grown from large, low-maintenance, pea-like seeds. Despite this, they can still be slow to germinate. With this in mind, it is a good idea to experiment with different seeds each year.

Sweet Peas


  • It is one of the april birth month flower
  • Some gardeners refer to sweet peas as the "queen of annuals". Sweet peas are long lasting, colorful and fragrant.
  • As well as their flowers and smell, sweet peas are known for their long, straight stems.
  • Sweet peas are native to Sicily, Cyprus and southern Italy
  • The sweet pea scent, although much liked by humans, is extremely aggressive to flies.

So, that’s all about the April birthday flower. Send your heartiest wishes to your loved ones not just over call but by sending them a bunch of flower arrangements or flower bouquets or flower baskets online.