Children's Day DIY Activities for Kids

Children’s Day is around the corner, and kids cannot stay calm; who can blame them? We, too, are excited about the day. And why would they not be excited about the day? After all, they have a whole day dedicated to themselves. This particular day gives kids some indelible memories to cherish for a long time. So what can you do to make this fantastic day even more special for kids? Well, stop fretting and read the blog because we have some exciting DIY activities for kids that are sure to keep them busy for a long time. You can invite your kids’ friends over and organise a celebration for a more fun and enjoyable experience. But First things first, let’s jog up their memory and knowledge about why we celebrate children's day.

Children day DIY activities

History of Children’s in a Nutshell

On November 14th, the whole of India celebrates Children's Day. The particular day marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, who loved children and was affectionately known as Chacha Nehru by them all over the country. He always said children should be lavished with love and affection because nurturing and raising them would properly determine India's future, as they, after all, are the leaders and bright future of tomorrow! Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was opinionated that knowledge and education were necessary for all children. He also contributed to the establishment of some of the most prestigious schools in India.

Today, children's day is celebrated widely across the country, and every school organise a fun and enjoyable day as a tribute to Chacha Nehru. People buy children's day gifts for their kids, relatives’ kids, students, etc. Children's Day is celebrated every year by children across the country because they are the focus of attraction on this day. So, let's take a look at some DIY activities for kids that will help them remember Children's Day.

Fun DIY Activities for Kids

DIY Masquerade:

Indulge the kids in one of the most exciting DIY activities, i.e., crafting masks using paper plates. Kids love cartoons, which is why they will cherish this activity and enjoy it with sheer joy. Refers to the below points on how to make paper plate masks.

  • Take simple paper plates and draw your favorite cartoon characters using a pen or pencil. Take reference from the internet if needed

  • Cut the paper plates into the drawn shape and make holes for the eyes. Once done, punch the sides and tie a ribbon around the mask for a perfect grip.

  • Wear the masks and enact a play.


Cutesy Origami Bookmarks :

It is without a shadow of a doubt that your kid loves reading comics and storybooks. So, why not let those voracious readers indulge in making cutesy bookmarks? It will be a perfect activity for them to enjoy on children day.

  • Form a triangle with your favourite coloured sheets, fold the bottom-left part to the corner and paste it. Repeat the same with the right piece.

  • Create a pocket by turning the paper, folding only the top layer (in the bottom), and inserting it in the pocket.

  • Use other decorative papers for making features like eyes and nose and paste them onto the created bookmark. And, it is done.


Sponge Boats:

If your little one loves water and does Chhap-Chhap-Chhapak, then this DIY activity is perfect for the little sailor. It will surely make your kid and his or her friends delightful.

  • Take some colored sheets and cut out pieces in triangles (triangular sailboats).

  • Take some colorful sponges and cut them into rectangles of the shape of your choice.

  • Insert skewers or toothpicks in a way that forms a mast. Put the boats in the water and witness them sail, captain!


DIY Stamps:

Everyone loves playing with stamps and admires the cutesy prints they leave behind. If your kid falls into this category, then this DIY activity is for them. So, what’s the wait for? Take out their art supplies and set the positions. These stamps can be used later for cards and other crafts.

  • Take some colorful sheets and draw different shapes of your choice. You can draw little flowers, a moon, stars, hearts, circles, trees, and whatever else you like.

  • Paste these cut-outs on foam sheets, and cut accordingly.

Honeymoon package

Leaf and Vegetable Printing:

This one is going to be messy, so make sure your kid is wearing their oldest tee. If your kid loves drawing and painting, this particular DIY activity is for you.

  • Take a variety of leaves from the nearby trees and plants. Remember not to hurt the plants. Four to five leaves will be sufficient.

  • Take vegetables like ladyfingers and onion, and cut them into halves.

  • Paint the patterned side of the leaves and vegetables and print on plain white paper. There you go; leaf and vegetable printing is done.

Vegetable printing

There You Have It

Now you have a list of some exciting and entertaining DIY activities for kids on Children’s Day. So, what are you waiting for? Take the supplies, and teach your children how to make some funny and exciting things using basic materials.