Couples Yoga Asanas to Try This Anniversary

“Couple Who Stays Fit Together, Stays Together!” said a wise man, once! As the world is turning into a huge fitness zone in itself, it’s time to indulge ourselves into leading a happy, peaceful life by inculcating the habit of doing yoga. Not just alone but also along with our loved ones! India, being the land of yoga seems to have dissociated itself from its yogic roots, lately. People seem to be so drawn by modernisation and its glorious effects, that they have simply forgotten their roots and to take care of their health. As per some sources, over 36 million Americans have a habit of practising yoga and chanting “om” with the belief to calm their inner storms. Yoga not just accounts to look after mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Rather, helps to strengthen relationships by increasing the intimacy between couples. It has given the new-age couples some quality time to spend together, which values more than even the most attractive, cheesiest anniversary gift, received by one, these days. Every relationship needs a little positive boost, at times, as we know life is not at all a bed of roses. Yoga asanas for couple tend to be an excellent getaway from the quintessential stressors of life. Partner yoga asanas for anniversary when done with your husband/wife, BF/GF, any friends or significant others, not just on some special occasions rather daily tend to have some far-reaching benefits. So, let’s start discussing what all yoga for couples, one must try out together in love to keep their anxieties at bay and make their sex life full of hurrays!

Couples Yoga Asanas for anniversary

1. Partner Twist

To try out this yoga asana, you and your partner need to sit in a position where both of your backs touch. Sit in a cross-legged position on firm ground. Feel connected while you and your partner reach arms overhead. Inhale, while you do so. Then, exhale and twist to your right while your right-hand reaches the inside of your partner’s left knee. While you do so, your partner must mirror your posture with the left side of his body. Hold onto this posture for like 3 to 5 breaths each side and further, exhale to repeat it on the other side.

Partner Twist yogasana

2. Partner Breathing

One of the easiest yoga for couples, to practise this posture together, you and your partner need to sit with your backs touching each others’. Once you are done sitting this way, join your hands and place them close to your heart. Now, close your eyes and try to connect with your partner mentally and spiritually. Also, try to control on your breaths i.e once your partner exhales, you inhale and vice-versa. Do this yoga asanas for 3 to 5 minutes to feel the connect!

Partner Breathing yogasana

3. Seated Twist

Sit cross-legged facing each other. Inhale and stretch your spine, before starting this asana. While you exhale, turn to your right to hold the left hand of your partner from behind your back. And, with your left hand hold onto your partner’s right hand, as he turns to his left. Hold each others’ hands as it would somewhat look like an infinity symbol. Feel the extension of the twist by softly pulling each others’ hands, slowly and softly. Do this on the other side as well for a few breaths.

Seated Twist yogasana

4. Double Down Dog

Start this position by lying in the tabletop position in front of each other. Firstly, one needs to bend down, facing downwards and try to touch the toes of the other partner. Keep your toes straight and feet firmly placed on the ground, as you do so. The posture would somewhat look like an inverted V. Meanwhile, the other partner needs to do this posture on top of you, i.e, by placing his/her feet on your sacrum bone. Then, both the partners need to hold this posture for like quite a few minutes. You can further switch the position feel a better sense of communication and closeness.

Double Down Dog yogasana

5. Partner Forward Fold

Sit facing each other but at a leg’s distance, so that both of your feet soles touch each other. Hold each others’ hands as holding opposite palm to the forearm. Inhale and stretch up your spine, as you do so. Exhale, while one of the partners bends forward from his/her hip, the other remains seated straight on his/her back. As one bends over, one needs to calm oneself and to hold the position for like 5 breaths or so. To break the posture, one needs to release each other’s arms and hold their torsos upright.

Partner Forward Fold yogasana

6. Buddy Boat

Works to the core, this position blesses the couple with an amazing amount of energy and laughter. Sit in a comfortable position, facing each other with knees bent and toes touching each other. Hold the hands of your partner while you make a mountain-like structure with your feet. Shift the soles of your feet away from your partner’s as you bring them close to your chest. While you do so, make sure to straighten your spines and chests lifted, as you hold the posture for 5-7 breaths.

Buddy Boat yogasana

These were the top 6 yoga asanas, we found to be meant for every power couple. While there are many other such poses, you can look for trying out with your partner. If you and your partner promised each other of exploring every aspect of life together, then you have to give this “yogic arena”, a try as well! Trust me, you both are gonna love the experience!