Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas To Please and Present To Your Sister

A brother-sister relationship needs no introduction. A bond smeared with a rainbow of feelings of love, hate, compassion, annoyance that even a psychologist to understand how can a person love one to death and at the same time, harbours the desire to strangle them. Well, the depth, purity, and sacredness shared by a brother-sister is the gorgeous facet of their relation, that there is a galaxy of festivals encircling this love-hate alliance.

Bhai Dooj

From Raksha Bandhan to Dusshera Tikka to Bhai Dooj, each of these festivals is a symbolic representation stating the fact that brothers and sisters would go to any lengths for the well-being and happiness of each other.

Having celebrated Raksha Bandhan in its full glory, it’s time to get excited for another traditional festival that beautifully strengthens the tie of adoration, care, and respect between siblings. On this auspicious day, sisters put a Tilak on their brother’s forehead while praying for their prosperity and longevity. Afterwards, the brothers reciprocate for this heart-touching gesture by pampering their sisters with Bhai Dooj gifts.

To help, brothers gift their sisters something creative rather than the usual cash in a lifafa, we have jotted down a fresh Bhai Dooj gift ideas for sister that will make her feel good to have a brother like you (rarity it is).

1. Jewelry:

Every girl on this planet is an admirer of jewellery. Therefore, jewellery pieces as a gift is always a viable option, and if your sister is married, it acts as a cherry on the cake. If she is a blingy type, then you can go for elaborate gold necklaces, in case she is a working professional, sterling silver chain with a pendant or diamond studs will work best for her, or if she is the fashionista, consider statement jewellery in the oxidized finish, tassels, etc. The key is to gift her a piece of jewellery that matches her persona and lifestyle. Don’t forget to give her an accessory box in which she can store all her preciousness with care.

Jewelry as Bhai Dooj Gift

2. Beauty Products:

Remember the days, when your sister would stand in front of the mirror and recited “mirror, mirror on the wall, I am the beauty of all,” and you find it amusing. Now, she is a grown-up girl with poise and elegance, you no longer witness such ridicule things (according to you), but she has become more beauty conscious than she was ever. So, a beauty hamper containing all the essentials is the best pick for her. You could add a tag to the hamper praising her beauty and watch her dancing on cloud nine.

Beauty Products as Bhai Dooj Gift

3. Decorative Artifacts:

No-No, we are not talking about the antique home decor statues and showpieces. As Bhai Dooj gifts for sister, we suggest you personalised wall clock, photo frame, sister appreciation frame, tabletop, cushions, mugs, and more such options that she can use to embellish her room or office space. The customization idea is well-suited for the occasion of Bhai Dooj, as this is a golden chance for you to make your pious feelings for her shine out without saying a word.

Gift Beauty Products on Bhai Dooj

4. Plants:

If your sister has green fingers, then look no further and beyond than plants. By gifting her plants in designer vases, you reveal to her that you acknowledge her love for gardening. You can also couple plants with other gift items like chocolates, plush toys, etc. to make it a nurturing gift.

Plant as Bhai Dooj Gift

This is not the end yet, the Bhai Dooj gifts for sister list is a long one. But these options come with a creative and soul-stirring appeal, which should be on your priority.