Custom Engraved Gifts for your Girlfriend

Men are the worst gift-givers when it comes to wives and girlfriends. After a lot of overthinking and brainstorming, they come up with flowers and chocolates generally :p. Isn’t it? Well whether you are trying to make up for some silly mistake or looking to express your love, skip the classic! Below, we have lined up for you some heartwarming wooden engraved gifts. After all, the gift has to be as special as your girlfriend.

Custom Engraved Gifts for your Girlfriend

1. Personalised Notebook Engraved with her Photo

Nothing’s better than to say it with a notebook engraved with her photograph. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. Add some of your favourite love quotes to go with the image, imprint your names in wood or get a personal message engraved. It will definitely win her heart.

Personalised Notebook Engraved with her Photo

2. Heart-Shaped Wooden Picture Frame

You know you did something silly, and it's time for you to win her back. Gift her a heart-shaped wooden picture frame perfectly engraved with a wonderful photograph of you two and a unique love note. Making up after a sweetheart's tiff with an extraordinary customized gift like this will surely be appreciated.

Heart-Shaped Wooden Picture Frame

3. Custom Engraved Name Plates

If she always loves to improve the home decor, then you can never go wrong with engraved nameplates. Are you living together? Then go for a couple engraved nameplates. You can make this gesture even more heart-melting by getting the date you met engraved on the nameplates.

Custom Engraved Name Plates

4. Wooden Mobile Back Cover

Girls love when their lovers really recollect things they like or adore. Do you remember that sportsperson or entertainer she is a fanatic of? Gift her a mobile case customized with a photograph of her favourite celebrity or superstar. If she is a sports lover and a big Kohli fan or Ronaldo fan, then get a perfect cover engraved for her. A customized gift as exceptional as this will unquestionably hit the correct chords and make her feel special.

Wooden Mobile Back Cover

5. Wooden Poster

Shouldn't something be said about her most loved book or film? Blessing your sweetheart with a wooden gift engraved with the famous lines from the book or classy dialogues from the movie will be a dream gift for her and will add a touch of class to her wall when she hangs the poster on it. If she is a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan, then get all the famous dialogues of her favourite character like Joey engraved on the poster. Just see the smile on her face after she receives the gift.

Wooden Poster

6. Wooden Love Letter

“No matter what happens, I will never, not in a thousand tragic outcomes, ever regret loving you. For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.” Imagine such beautiful lines that you mean by the soul are engraved on a wooden letter! Looks romantic, right? Well, pen down a complete love letter with your feelings and get it engraved to give it to your partner.

Wooden Love Letter

7. Engraved Wooden Sunglasses

The days of love birds' names and initials engraved on wooden barks are long gone, but you can still get your and your partner's name engraved on more handy things like sunglasses. Get the wooden frame of sunglasses engraved with name and even zodiac signs. Gift it to your partner and she will definitely fall in love with the present.

Engraved Wooden Sunglasses

8. Engrave Love in Different Languages

You might not be a fan of unique things, but this unique gift is surely going to impress you. Say and express your love in different languages like French, Spanish, Chinese, etc. At least, you two will together learn a few lines of a new language, and it’s always a great hobby to learn new things in relationships. Also, the engraved gift will look good in the living room table or on any other desk.

Engrave Love in Different Languages

9. Engraved Certificate

“Congratulations on being the most awesomely gorgeous sexy, adventurous fun-loving and caring girlfriend. Let it be known that you without a doubt, The Best Girlfriend!” Give such an engraved certificate of love to your loving girlfriend and make her feel the happiest with your official best girlfriend certificate.

Engraved Certificate

So, these are some of the best personalised engraved gifts that you can present to your girlfriend on any occasion. Make up for your mistakes or express your heartfelt feelings of love and affection over these thoughtful gifts. She will surely be delighted with your gesture, and it will add spark to your relationship. Happy gifting!