Here’s all about March-born Birth Flower

There was an era which used to be known for socializing with people via letters, handmade food, and a beautiful assortment of flowers was given as a token of love. With the era taking a drastic twist and turn, we are sticking to the gifts and gestures that are a show-off. Back in the time, all the sweet and little things mattered for everyone.

Now, as we have discovered a whole lot of things, let us discover a bit more and have a look at the March birth flower. Why? Well simply because more than your expensive and high-value gifts, a flower as a gift can make up anyone’s day happier.

All About March-born Birth Flower

March is considered as the month of spring, where the entire nature can be seen blooming with colourful, scented flowers. And among all such pretty flowers, March borns are considered to be connected with Daffodils. Daffodils are considered the symbol of rebirth, faithfulness, and prosperity. And luckily all these character traits are what a march born carries, all his life.

Also, no other flower can ever depict the spirit of Spring season, as a bright yellow Daffodil does. Another popular name of this yellow-beauty is Narcissus. And there is a very weird story of self-love related to this flower, which goes like- there was a character in the Greek mythology who was in self-love so much that he drowned himself in a water pool while admiring himself.

But to consider Narcissi a symbol of the only vanity is not at all correct. One has to understand the fact that this flower is the symbol of rejuvenation and new beginnings as well. Being a self-adoring flower, Daffodils are a perfect symbol of loyalty due to their habit of the blooming year after year.

Also, as the seasons all across the world vary - it is extremely hot in some countries and cold in others. Hence, not just Daffodil, but every other flower holds a different meaning in varied countries. For instance, in China, Daffodils are seen as the symbol of good luck as well as prosperity. Reason being Daffodil blooms around the Chinese New Year time. Whereas in other countries like Wales, Narcissus is known to be their national flower. Not to forget, Daffodils are also the symbol of cancer care charity- Marie Curie.

Talking about the origin of the March birth month flower- Daffodils, so it originated from the Mediterranean, and there it was introduced by the Greek and Romans. In today’s time, Daffodils are cultivated on a large scale in Holland and Great Britain. And can you believe it, there are around thirteen thousand hybrids of daffodils that are cultivated, ranging from in the hues of yellow and white, to orange and pink.


That was enough for the March birth flower meaning, let us look at some other aspects of March borns like the Zodiacs that fall under it and more. Pisces and Aries are the two zodiacs that fall under this month. And now come, have a look at what these two zodiacs are like.

Pisces (Feb 20 to Mar 20)

Pisceans are known for their compassionate, intuitive, creative, and loyal nature. These people have an entirely different perspective of looking at life. They are caring, nurturing, and one of the reliable zodiacs. Pisceans make up for a great friend, and they never give up on people and situations, so easily. Anything small can make a Pisces fall for it, and for them, life falls in the happiness of the person next to them- be it a friend or a stranger. They are the most forgiving and tolerant people of all, and giving love to everyone is what they believe in. The later habit of theirs, makes them expect the same in return and which when not done, breaks their heart a bit.

Aries (Mar 21 to Apr 20)

Where Pisceans are considered the last sun sign of the Zodiac circle, Aries is the first one. Aries is courageous and well-determined. Their energy is on another level, and that is why they are quite passionate about a few things and are always enthusiastic. And because of their high-energy spirit, which is not in everyone, they tend to be impatient, short-tempered, and impulsive. Movement is the part of their life and taking up challenges is what they swear-by. Talking about their workspace, well they are quite organised and are a multi-tasker, and these two traits make them stand out of the office crowd.

Pisces and Aries

All these character traits are quite enough to understand a Piscean and an Aries, well. And now that you have known so much about both these sun-signs and what flower suits their personality then why not give them the same this time and see wonders. Daffodil- the birth month flower for March is perfect for being a loyal, faithful, and lively person.

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