Cute Nickname's for Indian Dad

Nicknames are terms of endearment. People often use them to express their love and bond with each other. Names are more important and help us create a deep meaningful bond with the said person. Ordinarily, the exchange of nicknames happens between partners, siblings, friends, etc., in all of these cases, the exchange of nicknames is equally noticed in both parties. However, the nickname beneficence is one way route among children and their parents.

Cute Nickname's for Indian Dad

Parents lovingly give their little ones cutsy names but children often do not progress beyond the common mum, mumma, mom, pop, papa, dad, etc. Luckily, the trend of nicknames for the mom has set in and given children many loving names for their moms, nicknames for dad however, has not made it to the popularity list. With father’s day celebrations right around the corner, you probably are looking for personalised fathers day gifts list to pick out something that will convey your gratitude and love for your dad. And lucky for you, here is a gift idea that holds a lot of emotional value - give your father nickname!

What kind of nicknames can you choose for your ‘desi’ Indian dad?

Indian dad

Indian fathers are notorious for being the disciplinarian in the household. Oftentimes, our intimidating Indian pops flinches away from all signs of affection. Coming up with a nickname for your dad can be a challenging course. But, you must take up the challenge. Ease his way through common pop culture references that will allow the two of you to gel over and establish a nickname based on his personality.
How do you do that?

Follow these simple rules and you will be golden!

  • Nicknames based on his occupation - try to look for common nicknames that people use for certain occupations. If your father is a doctor, do not hesitate to address him by ‘doctor sahaab’ or put a layer of twist by calling him ‘devtaa’. The both of you will get a chuckle worthy moment.
  • Superhero names are great too - if your father is overly desi, calling him by India’s super famous hero’s name ‘Shaktimaan’ will be a quirky move! If fawning over superheroes is the common bonding area for the two of you, you cannot ever go wrong with this choice.

Now we could go on with the rules, but it is better to find the right track all on your own. The key to finding a good nickname for your dad lies in how deep your bond is with him.

So here are some daddy nicknames that can be used this father’s day on your Indian dad:

  • Sharma ji: because ‘Sharma ji ke ladke ko sab ata hai’, and with this nickname, you are asking your dad to be proud because you have got this!
  • Pops: For the super chill and cool dad.
  • Pita shri: Another great choice if your father gives you plenty of ‘gyaan’.
  • Aam aadmi: For the most humble fathers out there who quotes lines like “arey hum toh simple aadmi hai”.
  • Handyman: Perfect name for the dad who fixes everything!
  • 007: If he is a big James Bond fan.
  • Supreme court: The father who always maintains order and decorum.
  • Chief: Honouring the boss of the family, the right way!
  • Bau ji: Funny name that he will cherish.
  • Bawarchi Bau: If he knows his way around the kitchen.
  • Seth: He handles all financial big decisions after all!
  • Finance minister: Another quirky nickname for your father who handles the finances.
  • Santa: For fathers who love to shower their children with gifts.
  • Boss: A name that says it all.
  • Daddy ji: This name is deserves by every special papa ji who is your best friend.
  • Commander: For the army man.
  • Pasta pasta: In case he adores pasta.
  • Sensei: The best teacher that you have known for your entire life.
  • Papi: Adorable name for dad in Spanish.
  • Dodo: For your dad who loves to goof up.
  • Dumbledore: Harry Potter reference to call your dad.
  • President: The central figure of your house.
  • Padre: The classic old school nickname.
  • Mutku: The perfect nickname for the toughest father!
  • Don: A grumpy pop needs an intimidating name.
  • Fred Flinstone: Yabadabadoo!
  • Einstein: When your dad is the smartest person that you know.
  • Richie Rich: Like Richie Rich, you old man is the most generous person!
  • Pradhan ji: He is the leader of the family after all!