Decode What These Different Types of Hugs Reveal About Your Relationship

Did you know that the way you hug your partner reveals a lot about your relationship?

Reveal About Your Relationship

Everyone loves to hug their beloved people at any time, but did you know that there are different sorts of hugs, and each hug portrays different meanings? A relationship involves verbal language of love and various other ways to show the love and affection one has for the other. How we behave in front of our beloved person, touch them, and hug them shows our feelings and intentions perfectly to the other person.

We are sure you must be curious about the meanings behind different types of hugs. Read on to find and select your favourite hug!

1. Rest-On-Shoulder’ Hug

In this hug, a girl puts her head on her boyfriend's shoulder, and they like to converse for hours. Therefore, if you often love to hug your guy this way, your relationship has enormous love, warmth, and understanding. You find his presence peaceful, and his touch brings you joy and makes you feel comfortable.


2. From The Back Hug

The meaning of this hug is ambiguous. By hugging you from the back, your partner is trying to tell you that he has been missing you for quite a long time. And, if your partner hugs you this way on a regular basis then, know that he always wants to make you feel loved. It also suggests that he is protective towards you when he wraps his arms around your waist from the back.

3. The ‘Grasp On Waist’ Hug

If you ask us, “What types of hugs do guys like the most, " here is your answer! This kind of intimate hug suggests that you share a very close bond with your partner where there is love, trust, and lots of romance. It is a beautiful way of spicing things between you and your partner. This hug suggests that your guy is deeply into you and wants to embrace you.

Grasp on Waist Hug

4. ‘Never Let You Go’ Hug

It is a hug when two people hold each other close and tight. This is a hug when a guy hugs you with both arms, suggesting that both of them fear letting each other go. Also known as a deadlock hug, this hug elaborates on deep commitment, trust, and everlasting togetherness. If you and your partner share this kind of hug, you guys are earnest about each other. Hence, you see a future together

Never Let You Go’ Hug

5. The ‘Eye-To-Eye’ Hug

When two people look into each other’s eyes while hugging, it means they are in so much love; in other words, the love is in the air. It demonstrates true love and affection. So, if your partner hugs you this way, you can consider yourself lucky because it is a sign that they are a keeper and irrevocably in love with you.

The ‘Eye-To-Eye’ Hug

6. The ‘Slow Dance’ Hug

This hug is about passionate love and romance between two people, wherein the guy wraps his arms around the girl’s waist while the girl wraps her arms around the guy’s neck, evoking a sense of high school romance. So, if you and your partner hug this way, you allow your love life to live and grow.

Slow Dance’ Hug

7. The One-Arm Hug

Sorry to break it to you guys, but this hug has two meanings attached to it. One implication is that this hug shows ‘friend-zone’ intentions, and while the other meaning is that your partner does not want to be seen as a couple in public, maybe they have commitment issues. This kind of hug is considered a half-hug, wherein a person reaches an arm around their partner.


8. The Perfectly Pervert Hug

Well, this hug is a perfect way of telling how intense your sexual attraction is for one another. So, when your partner grabs your lower back while you hug them, it means that your partner is ready to tell you how they feel about you without any feeling of shame. That's why we named this hug a 'perfectly perverted hug' because it's okay to share this kind of hug with your partner.

Perfectly Pervert Hug

9. he ‘Back Stroke’ Hug

This hug represents reassurance; your partner is trying to tell you he has been missing you for quite a long time. If your partner hugs you this way, he wants to make you feel loved. It also suggests he is protective of you when he wraps his arms around your waist. this is more of an “I will be there for you" kind of front hug. So, when you and your partner rub each other’s back while sharing a hug, you guys are actually trying to convey how much you care for each other. In short, this is the kind of hug you would always want to share with your partner whenever you are sad or feeling low because this hug makes you feel comfortable and secure.

The ‘Back Stroke

10. The Pickpocket Hug

When both partners put their hands into each others’ back pockets and share a hug, it portrays that they are very comfortable with each other. So, if you and your partner love to share a hug this way and find the silence between you two comfortable at that moment, your love is true and you share a perfect bond.

Pickpocket Hug

With some amazing hugs decoded, here is your chance to take your pick your moment and be there for your special someone. Enhance the effectiveness of your hug with amazing hug day gifts, and don't forget to always be in love!