Kindle The Religious Fervour with These 9 Navratri Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas

Spread over 9 nights and 10 days, Navaratri is one of the most sacred festivals in Hinduism where all of us worship Goddess Durga or Shakti, who represents the energy of the universe, in her 9 beautiful forms with great reverence. These auspicious “nine nights” is celebrated with immense zeal and enthusiasm all over India with its holy rituals and ceremonies. While each of these is beautifully carried out throughout the subcontinent, the aartis remain incomplete without the beauteous Durga Puja Thalis that simply add glitters to the occasion and takes the occasion to a whole new level.

Navratri Thali Decoration Ideas

You can too indulge in spiritual prayers and fuse in the religious feeling with a simple Diya Navratri Pooja thali. However, when you have brightened up your homes with lights and redecorated every corner of it, let’s make the rites grandeur with these following beautiful Navratri thali decoration ideas.

1.Silver Pooja Thali

When it comes to rituals and ceremonies, silver is always considered a holy and auspicious. A symbol of opulence, sophistication, and heritage, a silver-plated Durga Puja Thali along with incense stick holder, Diya holders, one silver bell can be a perfect addition to your sacred rites.

Silver Pooja Thali

2.Kalamkari Art Durga Puja Thali

Precious and intricate, Kalamkari is an ancient art in India. Visually appealing, a Kalamkari decoration Navratri thali can fill the divine occasion with much-needed flamboyancy. In fact, the beauty lies in the delicacy that showcases the nine days with nine creative circles within the base of the thali.

Kalamkari Art Durga Puja Thali

3.Pearl Navratri Pooja Thali

Rare and one of a kind, pearls bring the calmness of the ocean and the beauty of the sky down to the occasion of Navratri. A pearl Navratri aarti thali decoration also amalgamates other rhinestones, gemstones, and zari work that refurbishes the beauty of it, tremendously.

Pearl Navratri Pooja Thali

4.Floral Navratri Pooja Thali

Associated with Indian age-old festivities are the marigolds, and roses along with illuminating Diyas. And, if you are thinking how to incorporate these in pooja thali decoration for Navratri. Well, either you can procure these separately or adorn the thali with handmade flowers, stones, zari, and traditional gota.

Floral Navratri Pooja Thali

5.Multi-Grain Navratri Pooja Thali

An aesthetic pleasing Grain Thali encompasses that fact that we all pray for a life with a continuous supply of multi-grains, spices, and herbs for our survival. Thus, an assorted multi-grain thali can be easily arranged at home or can be shopped online where each of the staple diet is sequentially placed in a pattern form an Om, a Swastik or a simple circular design.

Multi-Grain Navratri Pooja Thali

6.Durga Navratri Pooja Thali

An aarti thali decoration in Navratri can never be marked complete without a Goddess Durga Thali. That’s right, roll out a dough or draw the deity with a pastel color and fill the insides of it with colors and stones. You can even create Diyas with the dough, fill the bowl-like shapes with Ghee and lit up the occasion with such an alluring Thali for Navratri.

Durga Navratri Pooja Thali

7.Fancy Stainless Steel Navratri Pooja Thali

A fancy steel thali has a base thal, Kalash of steel each of which is precisely covered with layers of colors, patterns, and designs. Each of the thali essentials is delicately adorned with the finest of embellishments such as pearls, stones, and different types and shapes of Rhinestones.

Fancy Stainless Steel Navratri Pooja Thali

8.Designer Navratri Pooja Thali

When luxury meets precision, the result is overwhelmingly gorgeous and thus, a designer Aarti thali for Navratri is beyond the usual and can make the occasion grandeur just by its presence. You can heighten the opulence by fusing it with incense sticks or floating candles.

Designer Navratri Pooja Thali

9.DIY Navratri Pooja Thali

The holiness of this festivity is well portrayed via a handmade Navratri puja thali. Take out your art materials, glitters, scissors, and glue your ideas into something pretty and ravishing. You can even Google ideas and make your thali stand out during the rituals.

DIY Navratri Pooja Thali

10.Garba Navratri Pooja Thali

An indispensable part of Navratri, Garba is the so-called national dance of this festivity. Thus, a pure manifestation of it on the puja aarti thali can be simply amazing. Available in wide array of designs and artwork, a Garba-inspired thali is a must for the festive season of Navratri.

Garba Navratri Pooja Thali