14 Birthday Gifts For Girlfriend Under 2000

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When it comes to your girlfriend’s birthday, you always strive to ensure her the best birthday gift. Right? But, sometimes when you are running low on budget, it might hamper your quest for a perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend. However, this is not necessarily right that the best birthday gifts are always expensive. Therefore, we are here to suggest you some of the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend that are sure to leave her impressed. And, guess what? All of these gifts are under just INR 2000.

Good Gifts Under INR 2000

Scroll down to check these out:

  • A Cozy Boyfriend Arm Pillow

    A Cozy Boyfriend Arm pillow

    Are you looking for something very cute? Well, what can be a cuter gift than a cozy boyfriend arm pillow that will always remind your girlfriend of your love?

  • A Stylish Infinity Scarf

    A Stylish Infinity Scarf

    An infinity scarf will make a unique birthday gift for your girlfriend. She can wear this infinity scarf in a variety of trendy ways. It can be worn as a hood or in a pull through style or in a double loop etc.

  • A Soothing Spa Hamper

    A Soothing Spa Hamper

    A thoughtful gift that will show your girlfriend that you actually care for her. A spa hamper consisting of a massage oil, an exfoliator, a scented candle,bath salts etc will make a great birthday present for your girlfriend.

  • A Tea-Infuser Mug

    A Tea-Infuser Mug

    If your girlfriend is a tea-lover, why not add some excitement to her daily tea time with a new accessory that she will love? Yes, an easy to use tea-infuser mug will help in brewing the tea inside the mug itself and save her time.

  • A Gourmet Chocolate Hamper

    A Gourmet Chocolate Hamper

    No matter how much diet conscious your girlfriend is, she just can’t say no to a basket full of chocolaty bliss. Yes, a delicious gourmet chocolate hamper will be a perfect pick to impress your girlfriend.

  • A Bottle of Wine

    A Bottle Of Wine

    If your girlfriend loves wine then, gifting her a bottle of wine with a personalized label will just make her birthday the happiest one. And, guess what? It won’t cost you a kidney or eyes. You can easily get it within 2000 rupees.

  • A Gold Plated Rose

    A Gold Plated Rose

    You might have given many red roses to your girlfriend which ultimately perished. Right? So, how about a gorgeous gold plated rose that will be reminiscent of your irrevocable love for her forever?

  • A Customized Pillow

    A Customized Pillow

    Well, if you are a little low on budget and want to end up buying a thoughtful birthday gift for your girlfriend, you should go for a customized pillow. You can get a soft and comfy pillow customized with a beautiful message that you want to dedicate to your beloved.

  • A Pair of Sunglasses

    A Pair Of Sunglasses

    You know how the UV rays emitting from the sun can be harmful to eyes. Right? So, gifting a pair of sunglasses to your girlfriend will not only protect her eyes but also help her make a style statement.

  • A Fitness Band

    A Fitness Band

    A lot of people prefer practical gifts. So, if you want to gift your girlfriend something that she can put to use on a daily basis, gift her a fitness band through which she can keep a track of her weight, calorie consumption, distance travelled etc.

  • A Vintage Journal

    A Vintage Journal

    Does your girlfriend love to write? If yes, then gifting her a unique and vintage journal on her birthday will surely put a smile on her face. You can get a vintage journals available on various online or offline gift shops.

  • An Indoor Houseplant

    An Indoor Houseplant

    If you are looking for something thoughtful for your girlfriend, here is a great gift idea for her.An indoor houseplant like Peace lily or Green pothos will always ensure cleaner indoor air in your girlfriend’s house.

  • A Personalized Lamp

    A Personalized Lamp

    Anything personalized is usually very meaningful but if you want to gift something that represents light and happiness, go for a personalized lamp. You can get a lamp personalized with your girlfriend’s photo from any online gift store.

  • A Monogrammed Phone Case

    A Monogrammed Phone Case

    Phones cases are something that one can never get enough of. But, we are sure that if you gift a monogrammed phone case to your girlfriend on her birthday, she will definitely thank you for gifting her the perfect phone case.