10 Ways To Break Up Better with your Partner

Yeah! it was all rainbows and flowers, yeah it felt like butterflies in the stomach, but in the reign of this imaginary love world, now Taylor Swift with her song track “we are never getting back together” seems to sound better.

10 Ways To Break Up Better with your Partner

Breaking up with someone you thought you couldn’t ever imagine your life without seems not only harsh but makes you go through emotional turmoil, many of us are unable to recover with. It is not true if you say that the love is lost, it is just that loving them is costing you your happiness and no matter how amazing it feels, it’s time to let them go as the relationship is no longer the same. While breaking up is pretty difficult whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, there are certain mandatory points one should keep in mind in order to give it a smooth ending.

1.Walk Through The Situation

Sometimes in a moment of rash and anger, you decide not to go forth and that’s when you need to take a deep breathe and count to ten. Sit back and segregate the negatives from the positives. And when the negatives begin to weigh heavier, that’s when you know the sun has set in your relationship.

Walk Through The Situation

2.Give The Relationship The Respect It Deserves

In the age of technology, do not break up over a call or a text message. Meet them in person and be clear about how you feel and it is completely fine if they are unwilling to understand the gravity as that’s the reason you guys are not on the same page anymore.

Give The Relationship The Respect It Deserves

3.Though It Is Over, Give The Privacy It Still Requires

If you are the dumper, make sure to give the space for the emotional downpour of the dumpee and thus, it is necessary not to break up publicly. Also, the breakup asks for the personal space where both of you can talk your hearts out loud.

Though It Is Over, Give The Privacy It Still Requires

4.Figure Out How Valuable They Are

It is up to you if you wish to end over a cup of coffee or wave them goodbye with a dinner date coupled with flowers and cake combo and end it just like you both began it with your first date. Know their worth and set them free likewise.

Figure Out How Valuable They Are

5.But First, Remember Your Worth

It is been long since you have been on the giving end. It’s alright if you wish to keep it simple and avoid the whole situation and later drag it out. Always remember that you’ve tried enough and now it is the time to say how you feel and how drifting part would bring back your solace.

But First, Remember Your Worth

6.Be Kind And Make Sure It’s A Clear Breakup

You don’t have to give the relationship a nasty end. You can make your point by keeping their feelings in mind. However, make sure this breakup isn’t like your earlier breakups where you used to patch up soon after a phone call.

Be Kind And Make Sure It’s A Clear Breakup

7.Save Yourself From The Trouble

There have been innumerable debates if it is easy to be friends after a breakup. However, being a friend may make you prone to be their emotional support system every time they will feel low and god knows, what if they feel low every second of the day.

 Save Yourself From The Trouble

8.Keep The Gifts And The Memories

The breakups are usually followed by the return of the gifts. If you feel the need to asking for your gifts, asks for the heirlooms but never have the intent to return the gifts. These might mean nothing right now to you, but returning them won’t turn back the time and undo all the feelings and the love you once felt.

Keep The Gifts And The Memories

9.End On A Good Note

It is possible that after this wrathful hustle, anyone of you might want to walk away. Make sure to remind them about the positive things too. This step of yours would ensure a happy note and unlike many other couples in the world, you will be able to surpass the differences and move forward with some positivity.

End On A Good Note

10.Look On The Bright Side

You are hurt and it is appreciable that you made this tough decision to let your once-believed “the one” go, however, life doesn’t end here. Start indulging in recreational activities, make time for your pastimes, and keep growing with time. Also, moving on quickly won’t be a preferable option, give yourself some months, rebuild, rejuvenate, and grow stronger.

Look On The Bright Side

Breakups are hard and will continue to remain so. However, keeping these points in mind, you are sure to make them easier.