Decorate The Fence, Grow These Hedges And Boundary Plants

We are pretty sure that you might have seen these hedge plants but would not be knowing that they are referred to as hedge plants. Hedge plants are those types of plants that marks the boundary between one house and another. These plants are somewhat said to provide privacy and also give some protection from the prevailing winds. Some are evergreen hedge plants that bear only beautiful patterned leaves, whereas there are some other flowering hedge plants bearing tiny florals. Some people who aren't that much into gardening can pick some artificial plants having that same appeal to cover up the boundary of their property. Each of these non-flowering and flowering hedges are sure to catch the attention of all the gardeners and home decorating enthusiasts. It has also been proved that some of these make the best hedge plants as they even provide food and shelter for various wildlife species, for instance, nesting birds. Check a list of such beautiful, wildlife attractive fast-growing hedge plants.

Decorate The Fence, Grow These Hedges And Boundary Plants

1. Ficus

More than this hedge species getting classified into the "plants" category, it looks more like a mini hedge tree. Most commonly Ficus Benjamina or weeping fig develops into a perfect tropical and subtropical hedge plant. They do well in full sun or shade and prefer well-drained soil.


2. Alternanthera

Many ornamental trees and plants have the potential to make great hedges. These deep burgundy foliage have a habit of spreading in a compact manner which is what helps it to stand out of everyone. These flowering hedges are heat tolerant and love humidity.


3. Schefflera

Add a touch of green to your outdoors with this thick, lush, and fast-growing hedge called Schefflera. This privacy hedge does well in sun or shade. Its umbrella-shaped leaves give it a tropical look, along with its rich green color.


4. Duranta Golden

Goes by the following names Golden Dewdrop, Pigeon Berry, and Skyflower is a species of shrub of the verbena family Verbenaceae. These evergreen shrubs have broadleaf and are widely cultivated across many tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Duranta Golden

5. Mehandi/ Henna Plant

You might have spotted a newly wedded bride with henna/Mehandi in her hands. But did you know henna plants can make an awesome hedge for your garden? Mehendi plants make a great barrier due to the presence of thorns in it. This group of hedge plants belongs to the Lythraceae family.


6. Lantana

This beautiful species of Lantana loves the sun and is perennial, its bushy growth and its habit of blooming back make it a good hedge plant for fencing. It's tiny flowers demand that the plant be pruned at the right time to help it grow to its fullest potential.


7. Clerodendrum

Looking for a plant which suits both your ornamental and protection needs? Then, Clerodendrum is the hedge plants you should be looking forward to. Its attractive leaves to its polished green in colour and this plant takes almost two years or so to develop into a thick hedge.


8. Kaner

It was said that Kaner flowers were adorned by Lord Krishna when he used to roam the jungles and crossed the grassy patches of Vrindavan, along with his cows and calves. Yellow Kaner is a flowering hedge mostly popular due to its mention in SrimadBhagwatam. This flowering hedge bears bright yellow bell-shaped flowers which is sure to make your garden look pretty.


9. Tecoma

Cape Honeysuckle or Tecoma capensis belongs to the flowering family of Bignoniaceae, native to southern Africa. The orange cluster of flowers that this hedge develops is what has made it a popular choice of hedge plants.


10. Cypress Golden

If you want fast-growing foliage hedge plants, then Cypress Golden is a classic choice. A well-pruned, small neat evergreen conifer foliage plant as this one is sure to add its unique punch to your outdoorsy landscape.

Cypress Golden

So, what are you waiting for? Come closer to nature as you choose to be surrounded with its calm aura by picking some of these hedge bushes or plants to mark your territory/privacy and to beautify your home outdoors.