How to make a simple centerpiece with seasonal blooms

If you're hosting the holidays this year, use it as an opportunity to let your creativity shine. Upgrade table decor with flowers. Holiday crafts are a special way to celebrate the holidays and save money by doing so. Your holiday table is going to be the centrepiece of your party, especially if you are hosting the New Years. By making your holiday table flower arrangements shine, you will successfully divert your guest's attention and bring on the party mood!

A beautifully decorated table with flowers can set the mood for your entire party and give the guests something to talk about while you are cooking. If you are celebrating Christmas or New Years, try using unexpected color combinations for the centrepiece. You will be surprised how festive you can make your table without using traditional floral table arrangements.

How to make a simple centerpiece with seasonal blooms


Holiday wrapping paper can serve as inspiration if you get stuck. And, use a hint of pink. Whether you are using lilies or carnations or roses, make sure the centrepiece with flowers has a bit of pink. This color is subtle and gives the proper holiday vibe.

Some festive and non-traditional color schemes that you can try out with popular pink flowers:

● Navy blue and burgundy
● Gold and green
● Pink and green
● Black and white
● Blue and silver

Some of the flowers combinations that you can use for dining table centerpieces flowers:

● Petunias & Pansies
● Peonies & Garden Roses
● Tulips & Gerber Daisies
● Lavender & Lillies
● Dahlias & Alium

Centerpiece making ideas:

Once you have decided on a theme for your party, you can start purchasing arts and craft supplies. For floral centrepieces, use vases of pears, apples and other fall fruit or invest in cardstock and make your own fall floral bouquet. For something truly unique you can purchase floral supplies and craft tiny floral trees that match your colors and theme.

Centerpiece making ideas:

For table settings, use plates you already own and use napkins and name cards to accentuate the theme. At local craft stores, you can purchase inexpensive beads and wire to create napkin rings and decorations for your guests' wine glasses. The ribbon is another festive way to make napkin rings and theme-oriented table decor.

Name cards are where you can really let your imagination run wild. Use snowflake ornaments created with paper and ribbon or purchase fruit and make tiny name tags that you can pin on the top. There is no limit to what you can create with a little creativity and some craft supplies.

Go with what is in season:

To save money and get something truly stunning, go with flowers that are in season.

Go with what is in season

This can save you a bundle on your overall flower costs and allow you to find something that works well with your theme and your color scheme. Do the research online if you need some ideas on what types of flowers will be in season and then order the ones that suit you and your centrepiece needs the very best.

Seasonal flowers are fresh picks. The colors and arrangement patterns are bound to be vibrant giving your centrepiece a more glamorous look!