How to Decorate your Living Room with Artificial Plants

Plants add a luxurious touch to your interior setting. Whether you place flowers in a vase or deck your corner with potted greens, they will magnificently level up your decor game. However, more often than not, houseplants can become high maintenance, and not everyone is born with a green thumb. If you wish to add some aesthetics of plants to your space but fear you might kill them, opt for artificial greens that are all you might be looking for- Zero Maintenance. And when it comes to artificial plants, there are several artificial plant arrangement ideas to light up your living space. And considering you would be toil free, you can go for a variety of them to enjoy an extension of the outdoor world and feel the peace indoors. Below are 5 artificial plants home decor ideas to inspire you.

Decorate your Living Room with Artificial Plants

1. Create A Plant Corner

Every house has one windowless, sunless corner that screams for decor ideas. You can always rely on fake plant decor ideas and enjoy the physical effect of greenery. Get the look for less by placing them next to sofas or side tables. You can also create bathroom jungle vibes by placing artificial plants on shelves and closed window sills to make the space more lively.

Create A Plant Corner

2. Hang ‘Em

If you wish to shift the focus from shelves and window sills, hanging your fake plants will work the best for you for more than one. First, they will eliminate the unnecessary crowd from the low surfaces. Second, they will act as best ornamentations and bring unmatched elegance. Third, they will work well for smaller rooms and living spaces. Fourth, decorating living room with artificial plants in hanging pots will be relatively easier than real greens as they will not require regular watering and you will be saved from the hassle of hopping up every day to maintain them.

Hang ‘Em

3. Club Them with Floral Wall Art

Prettify your space with fake plant decor in living room. Add floral colour and pattern to the wall and create a plant shelf near it. This will add the much-needed dollop of greenery in an interesting way. You can opt for a colourful floral backdrop as the layout to pair with green artificial plants for living room.

Club Them with Floral Wall Art

4. Use Geometric Pots

Artificial plants are all about upgrading the look of the living space. Choose the best artificial plants like Bonsai Fruit, Cactus, Money Plant, Red Roses and more appealing artificial plants online and place them in designer pots for a perfect accent. They can work well on a desk or a dining table centrepiece, even if you wish to go for simple faux plants, geometric designer pots. Geometric patterns are the latest trend and work best for homes with contemporary, modern or Scandinavian decor. Opt for geometric pots for artificial plants for living room to make them the focal point of the room.

Use Geometric Pots

5. Mix Artificial Plants With Live Plants

This is one of the most cost-saving artificial plants home decor ideas to decorate your living space. You can mix faux plants with living ones if you want to add good vibes of natural foliage at a low cost and take advantage of both the types. Choose live plants that shed least leaves and mix them with artificial plants with flowers. This will work best for your living space as you can always keep the space fresh and seasonal by switching artificial plants with new ones, say, you can choose artificial tropical plants in summer and evergreens in winter to keep your artificial plant decor at its peak.

Mix Artificial Plants With Live Plants

Plants help bring tranquil and peaceful environments at home. So, if you want to do away with the time-consuming plumbing and maintenance, you can always switch to artificial plants decor ideas that come in amazing varieties of realistic foliage and add accent to your home.