9 Gifts For Kids To Become Their Favourite Person Forever

Kids are easy to please. A bar of chocolate, a stuffed toy or just a bunch of balloons make them happy and bring a big smile on their face but the kids are forgetful too. These things might please them for a moment or a day and then they forget they even ever had it. If you have a little nephew or niece, you must know the feeling when they recognise you immediately and shower with their precious hugs and kisses. So, instead of these generic gifts, present them something unique or impressionable that they remember you for a long time. It will reserve a special place for you in their hearts and even in a crowd in the family gatherings, they will run towards you with open arms for you will be their favourite person in the entire world. Here are a few suggestions to help you with!

Gifts For Kids To Become Their Favourite Person

1. The Colouring Book

Introduce the young minds with creativity and let them play with colours of their choice. Choose a colour book with alphabets on each page, fruits and flowers, landscape or their favourite cartoon characters and let them decide on what shades they wish to see the world. In order to make this present even more attractive, include a set of various colours like crayons, watercolours, pencil colours and sketch pens.

Colouring Book

2. A Teddy Bear

Gift them a soft, plush and huggable new best friend who will keep their secrets safe and make them feel comfortable at nights. A large size soft toy will become their favourite in no time and they will always remember you as the loving aunt, uncle or parent who gave them this unforgettable present. Pick the colour they love the most. You could get this beautiful gift for kids online too.

Teddy Bear

3. A “Grow Your Own Garden” Kit

This one will not only be loved by the kids but will also be appreciated by their parents. A garden kits with all the pretty supplies, like a packet of seeds, a colourful pot, a small garden tool and a vibrant book explaining the procedure to sow the plant and the importance of planting greens on the environment in a simple and pictorial way. Loaded with fun, they won’t be able to keep it aside the whole time and will love you for gifting this unique present to them.

Grow Your Own Garden

4. An Inflatable Swimming Pool

How often have you seen parents denying kids the fun of swimming pool because they are scared that their baby might get hurt? Well, because you are a fun aunt, you just can’t see them deprived of playing in the water and splashing it all over and that is why you are going to present them an inflatable pool which is both safe and enjoyable for them. This is one the perfect baby gift ideas as moms can fill up the pool as per their need and bath them in it too.

Inflatable Swimming Pool

5. A Karaoke Machine

Well, parents may not love it but their kids won’t stop playing with it. The kid version of a karaoke machine is colourful and full of nursery rhymes for the girls and boys. They can hone their vocal cords on it and who knows, if years later they become a pop star, you will be on the top of their thank you list. They will always remember you for recognising their talent first.

Karaoke Machine

6. An Ice Cream and Cake Set

The sandcastles can be built exclusively on beaches but your favourite kid can build an ice cream parlour or open a bakery right in their room. This super fun set will allow them to make as much as ice cream as they want. It consists of colourful scoops, cups, ingredients, buckets and everything else they need to set up their own shop in their room. It will be hard for the parents to separate this set from their kids.

Ice Cream and Cake Set

7. The Night Sky

The neon, glow-in-the-dark stickers are old news now. This time present them with a set of moon and stars that could be hung on the ceiling and glows white at night just like the real ones. These stars will look more realistic than the neon green ones and will make it easier for the parents to tuck in their little one for a good night sleep filled with sweet dreams. Teach them to reach for the stars at this young age only!

Night Sky

8. A Junior Chef Coat

If your favourite kid in the whole wide world is showing his/her interest in delicacies, it’s time to bring their inner chef outside and let them show their talents with a chef coat on. They will love to make super delicious cuisines in their pretend cook show and wear the chef jacket all that time. You could pair it with a set of toy cookware and serveware so that they could invite you to their restaurants in their rooms and have a nice dinner.

Junior Chef Coat

9. The Science Kit

Pique their interest in the working of the universe and serve their curiosity with this experiment kit which allows them to perform safe science experiments at home and understand the logic behind it. This gift will increase their knowledge and make them a smarter kid in the crowd. This will also fuel their passion for science and solve little mysteries around them.

The Science Kit

While you are choosing a fun present for them, pair it with a scrumptious cake which will make them even happier and make them a happy kid around the block.

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