Why Roses Are Known As Undisputed Queens of Flowers?

If there’s a flower that has managed to captivate the senses of the human race for ages, it’s a rose. Beautiful looks, pleasant smell, mesmerizing form, and easy care requirements together make rose the queen of flowers. Asseverated for its natural beauty, for symbolic value, and cultural importance, roses are the reigning queen of every heart and garden.

Roses Are Undisputed Queens of Flowers

Blossoming in more than one hundred species that further have thousands of varieties in as many colours you can imagine making rose flowers the dearest of humankind. Well, there are concrete reasons that can be attributed to why roses are being avowed as the queen of flowers in the world.

1. Beauty and Fragrance

Two things that roses are blessed in abundance is captivating appearance and sense-stimulating fragrance. The beauty and smell of roses is a sight and experience to behold. The swirling petals, long stems, and oval leaflet extend to roses a mystic charm that is hard to find in any other flower. Moreover, the vivid colours of red, pink, yellow, and white in which roses bloom enhances the beauty of this flower by manifolds. Both in indoor and outdoor settings, it’s the beauty and fragrance of a rose flower that overloads the senses with bewitching magic.

Beauty and Fragrance

2. The Epitome of Love

Since ancient times, a beautiful rose has been an epitome of love, romance, humility, passion, enchantment, desire. In the works of literature, roses have always been a carrier of feelings and a token of beauty. The followers of Islam and Sufism identifies rose with divine love. Because of their alluring form and heavenly aroma, roses are capable of evoking feelings of love even in the stubborn heart.

Epitome of Love

3. Cultural Value

Roses have always held an essential place in the cultures of Turks, Greece, and Spirituality. For centuries, it is believed that roses create an aura of well-being and potently affects the physical, emotional, and spiritual being of a person. The diverse cultures unveil that rose form and aroma embody a sense of healing. In the Greco-Roman culture, beautiful rose flowers are associated with the Goddess of Aphrodite. In the Greek poem, Aphrodite protects and nurses Hector and youths using rose oil and rose blossoms. From rose water to rose oil to edible rose, Turkish people have been using roses in its diverse form for various purposes.

Cultural Value

4. Online Availability

The rose queen is also the favourite of florists, be it online or offline. The easy availability of roses on different platforms make this flower more attractive to the senses. From rose flowering plants online to hand-arranged arrangements to hampers, roses are available in myriad styles.

Online Availability

5. Easy To Grow

Last but not least is the easy-to-grow requirements that make rose queen of flowers. At Least six hours of sunlight, well-draining soil with layers of mulch, infrequent and deep irrigation and regular pruning. Commitment to these steps ensures the healthy and blossoming growth of roses.

Easy To Grow

Evincing beauty, grace, aroma, and splendour with its every blooming petal make roses the undisputed queens of the flowers. Discover our beautiful assortment of roses and Rose Day gifts at FlowerAura by navigating through our website. Enjoy a delightful shopping experience with a wide variety of options to choose from.