Valentine Day: 2020 Deliveries

All those calories which were gained on the chocolate day were finally burnt on Valentine’s Day. FlowerAura too gained something. Not calories, but lots of love and appreciation from Romeos and Juliets, all around its 230+ Indian cities. Cupid approached us to match the statistics and we went all gushing to hear that some of the Valentines decided to have a “happily ever after” while sharing their love over our delectable cakes, beautiful blooms and gifts collection. Isn’t that something aww-worthy?

Valentine Day 2020

Pleased to share that a whopping number of xxx V’day gifts were sold on this Valentine’s Day, which made us assume everyone (including us) had a gala time on this day. It was good to see people in love choosing us to assist them with the best, which also made us feel so loved. It felt really nice seeing people pampering each other by gifting generously. It showed true love exists!! While some lovers opted for some keepsakes Vday special gifts, some others went with our thoughtful Vday gifts range. All in all, it was a week full of happiness and love, for all.

We also saw you didn’t just care about revealing how much you love your partner but also about us! We mattered to you which was incredible to see, indeed! In the words of J.F Kennedy- “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives”, so here’s letting you know that we appreciate your presence in our lives. Without YOU, there would not be even US.

So, from the bottom of our heart, we thank you for choosing us and trusting our services throughout this special week of love. And we even hope to serve you better in the future, as well. You all are our stride customers, so we hope we meet your expectations, by going that extra mile for you all to serve you in the best possible way across every Valentine’s day.

You made our Valentine’s Day! Like, Literally!