Definition of Love by Team FlowerAura

Love is the fire that burns the heart yet people smile and cherishes the feeling that knocks. We all want to feel the feeling of love, and therefore, we do something ‘Love Mein Thoda Aur’ for our other half. Well, as this season of love has arrived, our team FlowerAura is excited enough to share their definition of love with you.

Definition of Love by Team FlowerAura

Some have their own love meanings that you might like, and some have a hidden Shayar in them. So, let’s roll down the beautiful valentine love messages our team has compiled for you.

💘;“बयां-इ-इश्क़ लफ़्ज़ों के पहलु से मुमकिन कहाँ
मोहब्बत की तफ़्सील में शायर कितने हुए रवाँ
दिल-ओ-दिमाग पे जैसे किसी फ़ुसूँ-साज़ का खेल हो
हमे जब इश्क़ हुआ, जहाँ यार था फ़िरदौस वहां”

💘“Love is a journey of finding that special one, who became the reason of your smile, stands with you no matter what, Who understands your silence, who respects you and your dreams, Never lets you down & completes you.”

💖“Love is the commitment to the well being of others without conditions.
Love is our moral character and we can show it by the way we act and treat other people.”

💖“Love is
real issues and real pain,
the struggles of believing & trust to gain
still, a heart burns bright with a desire to grow
a desire to achieve, a desire colder than the snow
bringing everything together, a heart still tries
leaving the world behind, love flies!”

💕“Love is one day realising that you do not ever want to let this feeling go,
It is a divine experience that gives my soul comfort beyond reason.”

💕“Love is building the castle together
watching ups and downs
doesn't matter the whole world turns around
Standing by and with each other
love is making up for one another

Being together in laughter and pain
Sunshine and rain
Being be the one gives you thrill
when all your dreams are richly fulfil

Love is finding someone who knows all your flaws, can tolerate you when you are mad. Love
is living each moment like your last. Love is living with the imperfect to make it perfect.”

❣“Love is all about accepting the thorns that come along with the rose. Embracing each
other’s weaknesses and shortcomings while extending unconditional support for a lifetime and beyond.”

❣“Love is the dark tunnel and also the bright light at the very end of it.”

💓“Love is feeling compassion, love is sharing your thoughts and feelings,
love is understanding the one and love is trusting someone.”

💓“Love is knowing the weakness and being the other person’s strength,
Love is understanding the expectations and fulfilling them with all your heart.”

💚“Love is an intimate, deep affection,
Love is sitting together over a coffee mug,
Talking about the comfort and the lies,
It’s the emotion that brings butterflies,
The messiness that we accept of others,
It’s like making commitments without vowing a word!”

💛“Love - a deep secret with beautiful expressions,
An intense feeling of affection,
A dark forest with no lights in ray,
It’s like trusting someone without having any legal traits.”

💛“इश्क़ मर्ज़ है और मरहम भी,
इश्क़ वो मुसाफिर है जिसका कोई ठिकाना नहीं
इश्क़ समझना इश्क़ होने के बराबर है
ये तो वो है हर में भी जीत का स्वाब देता है|”

💜“Love is holding the other person while they fall,
It is like making them feel valued at every moment of life
And cheering them in their success
While giving them your shoulder in their low.”

If we explore, then there are many more definitions of love that you can find here. Team FlowerAura is eagerly waiting to celebrate this season of love with you all. Take a valentine gift and say happy valentines day my love using these lovely messages we have for you. On this Valentine’s day, leave no chance to impress your soulmate with heartwarming valentine love messages via FlowerAura. Confess your love just like us!