Did You Know This Flower Can Live Up to 100 Years and Represents A Happy Marriage?

By reading the title, you must have guessed till now! Yes, the beautiful peony flower, it is. Traditional floral symbols of China, Indiana's state flower and 12th wedding anniversary flower, peonies are known as flowers of wealth and honour. With their dense, lush, round blossoms, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are considered to be symbolising good fortune and happy marriage.

flowers that represents happy marriage

The Peonies date to at least 1,000 BC. These long-lived plants, some of which are known to live up to 100 years, are prized for their strong leaves, juicy blooms and sweet fragrance. Early American settlers brought peony plants across the ocean and planted them on American soil to recall homes they had left behind.

Peonies are popular flowers online because they are easy to grow, low maintenance, and, of course, attractive. They also come in many different types including the following:

Herb Peonies

Also known as bush peonies, this variety dies on the ground in winter then re-emerges after the snow melts, usually around March. Herbaceous peonies require very little care and are strong and long-lasting. They come in two types: lucrative peony and hybrid peony.

herb peonies

Tree Peonies

These peons get their name because of their wooden trunks and they bloom mid to late springs. The stems, however, remain above the ground and remain intact and when they bloom, they do so before the bush peony. They are slow in growth but have larger flowers than other types of peonies. Tree peonies bloom on ‘old wood’ and are not cut back in the fall. They are perennial in nature.

tree peonies

Itoh Peonies

Also known as intersectional peonies, these are a cross between the herbaceous peony and the tree peony. Since they are hybrids, they come in a wide variety of beautiful and eye-catching colours. These peonies, similarly to the herbaceous ones, die in the winter and their bush form is nice and round, though shorter than many of the other bush peonies.

Peonies are beautiful old fashioned flowers that are easy to grow and looks amazing in bouquets. Amazingly, peonies come in a multitude of qualities like white, red, pink, blue, black, yellow peony, artificial peonies, etc.

Peonies don’t need much care and can survive in severe winters. After you grow them in your garden, Peonies bloom each spring for many years. Peonies are also widely grown as decorative plants for their very large, often scented cut flowers.

Let’s move on to some interesting facts about peony

itoh peonies

Peony Trivia

  • Peony is a state flower of Indiana
  • It comes in every colour except blue
  • Peony flowers can live up to 100 years and still produce flowers in optimal conditions.
  • The petals of partially cooked peonies are consumed as desserts in china
  • Peony signifies wealth, honor, romance and happy marriage

Peonies come in all shapes and size and it makes an amazing wedding bouquet. If you are looking to send a bunch of peonies to your loved ones then visit online and avail peony flower delivery only and get it delivered at their doorstep.

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