DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas For Girlfriend: VouchSafe Her With Handmade Love

Hey! We all have been in this place.

It’s your first anniversary with your girlfriend, and of course, you want to make it truly remarkable for your sweetheart. But, you are clueless about where and how to begin. Not only this, you are running out of money to spend on swanky gifts. Well, this is a serious problem.

Thankfully, we have got you covered. We bring for you a list of DIY anniversary gifts for girlfriend that allows you to express pretty much all your feelings that you wouldn’t be able to say out loud as well encapsulate your love and affection for her beautifully.

Bear in mind, best anniversary gifts for girlfriend is the ones that she continues to cherish for years to come like handmade presents because its charm is eternal.

anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend

Try your hand at these quirky and romantic DIY (Do It Yourself) gifts to witness that priceless smile on her face.

1. Jar Of Love:

Even in the age of digitalization, something is touching about the hand-written notes from your beloved ones. Therefore, pen down your feelings for her and remold into a gift. Sounds interesting, Isn’t it?

  • Take an empty jar, stuff it with many cute bundles of messages written by you.
  • To crown things up, you can decorate the jar with a heart, as it is a symbol of love.

The ingenuity of the gift would be highly appreciated by your girlfriend.

hand-written notes

2. Fondlicious Cake:

Who doesn’t like cakes? Perhaps no one. Don’t get into a state of frenzy, we are not going to ask you to bake a cake, but only to make a cake of candies. By gathering all her favorite chocolates and sweets you are good to go.

  • Get yourself a cake board and foam.
  • Cut the foam in a circular shape and carve out the center.
  • Glue two round circular foam on top of each other to get the cake base.
  • Glue all the candies, sweets, and chocolates on the outer surface of the cake foam.
  • Mound it neatly and fill up the void with lollipops.

This candy cake will satiate her sweet tooth very well.

fondlicious cake

3. Number Of Memories:

You both have spent a year laughing, learning, growing, loving, and weaving a web of memories together. Wouldn’t a collage of sweet moments make for wonderful 1st-anniversary gift ideas for a girlfriend? Well, we have no doubts. Moreover, it’s super easy to make.

  • Take a quality printout of all the pictures of you both.
  • Cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of number 1 (because it’s your first anniversary). If you are celebrating it your second, you can use the number 2 to represent your cute 2nd year anniversary with a girlfriend.
  • Stick the pictures well-in the shape of the alphabet.
  • And, on the other side, you can leave a note for your girlfriend.
couple sweet moments collage

4. Bouquet Of Happiness:

A bunch of fresh blooming flowers is an evergreen dating anniversary gift. But, going creative with your expression does not harm. Make her heart and eyes gleam with happiness by gifting her a bouquet that will continue to bestow her with your love.

  • Cut craft papers in a heart-shape. Use shades of red and pink to symbolize love.
  • Arrange the hearts on different sticks to make it look like stemmed flowers.
  • You can write lovely messages on each heart, like “ I love you, “I miss you,” etc.
  • Wrap the sticks to make a bouquet.

Swoon her with your ardor and love with these handcrafted anniversary gift ideas

fresh blooming flowers