Best 1st-Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Here’s to the Happy Couple!.

Exactly, three- hundred and sixty-five days ago, a man and a woman decided to walk the journey of life hand-in-hand. In the good and bad, in sickness and health, the couple made it through their first year of marriage! And, when the couple is none other than your best friends, it calls for a celebration.

anniversary gift ideas for couples

Can there be any perfect way to celebrate the first anniversary of your beloved friends than with gifts? Nah! Having said that, we realized that coming up with first-anniversary gift ideas for the couple that is heart-touching and extraordinary isn’t always a cakewalk for many people. Therefore, we have come up with a list of one-year anniversary gift ideas for newly married couples that they would love.

Look and Pick Yours!

1. A Set Of Engraved Wine Glasses:

If to your couple, wine is more exciting than coffee, then there can be no better pick than a set of engraved wine glasses with their names on it. As the gift is for their first wedding anniversary, look for wine glasses that come etched with symbols and texts marking the new brewing love.

a set of engraved wine glasses

2. A Fitness Pass:

For the couple, who likes to sweat out, how about a membership to a yoga class or a gym? Every major metropolitan area you can think of has fitness-focused classes that the newlyweds can get their endorphins to boost to keep things exciting on various levels.

fitness pass

3. Tickets To Event:

Whether it’s a live concert, a stand-up comedy performance, a drama play, the couple surely has their favorite. The tickets to the show are truly a thoughtful gift. Give them a chance to groove in each other’s love on their first wedding anniversary.

tickets to an event

4. Spa Day:

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? Probably every one! And, when it’s the first anniversary, the couple would surely be looking at ways to sneak out from all the chaos to spend some quality time with each other. So, your gift of the spa for a day will work as a cherry on the cake for them.

couples spa day

5. Cocktail Kit:

Treat them with an alcoholic kit so that can spend a happy hour together each day! A kit containing all the essentials like a cocktail shaker, jiggers, glasses, and mugs from which they can sip their concoctions. With the help of this kit, they can transform into an amateur mixologist. And, they are all set to be a rage in the next social gathering. Wait for it!

cocktail kit

6. Couple Oriented Gift:

You can’t go wrong with couple oriented gift choices. The best part is there are a dozen of options to choose from. Couple accessories, passport cover, apparels, stationery, and more. From a long line of list, you are sure to find one that matches their personality in an idyllic manner.

couples oriented gift

7. Home Decor:

Gift the couple modern home decor pieces that will bring to their room an element of style and class. Moreover, you do not have to worry about gift repeat, and they will feel your love every time they enter the room.

home decor items

Bon shopping!